Technichi: Subscription based Macbooks

     Without a doubt, the Macbook is one of the best laptops for students. I am not going to say the best, out of fear of starting a comment war, but one of the top three or four laptops. That said, the price tag is pretty steep for your average student. However, we just [...]

Spaces: Easily Create Beautiful Landing Pages

Landing page optimization is one of the most important, and most time-consuming tasks for small business owners, especially the less technically savvy. There are a bunch of different routes you can take to get one made, but very few tools that help you make your own. One such company just launched, Spaces. We had a [...]

UniverSole: A Smart Shoe Sole Coming Soon

     There are so many different 'smart' things these days, it is borderline shocking that the concept behind UniverSole has not been done yet. UniverSole makes a sort-of smart shoe insole. Before you disregard this as frivolous, the sole, and gait of a person plays a huge role in overall lower body health. If [...]

eVisit: Talk to Your Doctor from Anywhere

     What if there was a way to visit your doctor from home? Well, we just came across a startup that is looking to make this a real possibility. eVisit has built a unique telehealth software platform that allows doctors to meet with, and diagnose patients via a sort-of Skype-type call. We had a chance [...]

Animaker: Animated Videos Made Easy

   As anyone who has ever tried to make an animated video can tell you, it is an incredibly complex task. Sure, there are a few tools out there that make it a bit easier, but if you don't have any design or animation experience, it is tough. We just came across a new startup [...]

Helpmonks: A Simple Solution to Team Emails

If you have every worked with a large, or remote team, you know what a hassle it can be. Things as simple as communication can become massive pain points. We just came across a Chicago startup that looks to ease this pain. Helpmonks has built an awesome new team-based email and workflow management platform. We [...]

Actual Reports: Document Management Made Easy

    Working with any sort of documents, across a wide organization can be a real pain. All of the different formats and various compatibility issues can create a major hassle. However, we just came across a company that looks to drastically simplify this issue. Actual Reports has built a document generation tool that cuts [...]

MAQTOOB: An Easy to use Web Tool Marketplace

  There are a ton of tools and resources out there to help you run your business. However, you have to know where to look. Finding these resources often requires at least a basic IT skill level. However, there are a ton of business owners out there who have little to no IT skills. That's [...]

Meet The Swedish Designer Taking On Beats

Most people know that form, function and design are very important to Swedish companies. Mix that in with simplicity and affordable pricing and you have a recipe thats worked for the biggest international furniture chain in the world, Ikea. It's those same principles of form, function, design, simplicity and affordability that are driving Swedish designer [...]

Kobrin: 3D Printing for the Fashion Industry

  For the most part, the whole 3D Printing industry has been focused on niche products and niche industries. However, we just came across a pretty unique Brazilian/Italian startup that is looking to take 3D Printing into the fashion industry: Kobrin. Currently, they have one product for sale, 3D Printed glasses. We had a chance [...]