Resumonk: Create Beautiful Resumes and Portfolios

  As anyone who has looked for work lately can tell you, putting together a resume and/or a portfolio website can be a hassle. Not that it is hard, it just takes time. When you are looking for work, time is really the most important thing. We just came across an Indian company that looks [...] Helping People Find Their Dream Job

   Anyone who has ever worked in a dead-end job can attest to the fact that it can be soul-crushing. You get in a funk, where the only thing keeping you going is the fear of being unemployed. In a way, this is worse than being unemployed. At least when you are unemployed, there is [...]

Using Twitter Favorites For Bookmarks? Try Favatron

Twitter came under fire last week for messing with Twitter Favorites. Since the beginning of Twitter there was no real definitive answer of how the favorite was supposed to work. For some people it was a way of showing thanks like "liking" something on Facebook. For others' it serves as a bookmark of sorts to [...]

Connecto: Helping Business Convert Leads

   One of the hardest things for companies to do, especially smaller companies, is convert leads on their website. There are a ton of reasons why this is, but it boils down to a simple time vs. cost equation. We just came across one company, Connecto, that aims to help business convert at a much higher [...]

TutStu: A ReverbNation for Teachers

   We just came across a really interesting new EdTech Startup: TutStu. The company is still in private beta, but looks to open a public beta here in the next month or two. Anyhow, TutStu has a pretty unique platform. Essentially, it is sort of a ReverbNation for teachers. We had a chance to ask [...]

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Picks: Keep Track of and Share the Things you Love

   If you are anything like me, you have a hard time keeping up with all of the links, videos, articles, books, TV shows, movies, and recommendations you come across. No longer. We just came across a new app that addresses this problem: Picks. Picks is, according to their website, "a social network built around [...]

Versoteq: 3D Printing and 3D Visualizations

As the world is slowly, but surely, adopting 3D printing, there are some wonderful products being made. We just had a chance to speak with one company, Versoteq, who is at the forefront of 3D printed products. The team told us a little bit about the process as well as their latest project: Versoteq What [...]

UsersThink: Cheap, Actionable Landing Page Optimization

   One of the most important things that a company can do is landing page optimization. However, this is often a strenuous task, especially if you have to outsource it, that can cost thousands of dollars. We just came across a company that takes a lot of the the stress and cost out of this [...]

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EduProtect: An Update to Campus Safety

     Student safety, whether or not they wish to acknowledge it, is one of the largest problems faced by colleges and universities. To date, the most important student safety devices are the giant campus emergency boxes. Though these are certainly better than nothing, but they are often sparsely spread throughout campuses. However, we just came [...]

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Amazing Things: We Talk With The CoFounder Of GoGlove

What makes GoGlove an amazing thing? GoGlove is an inner glove that can be worn under someone's ski gloves, outdoor gloves or even cycling gloves. There is a module inside the glove that connects to sensors that react with each other on the users fingers. In short, GoGlove allows the user/wearer to interact with their [...]