Siri Coming To Your Mac?

(image: Siri on Mac OSX Move over little paper clip man it looks like Apple may finally be looking at bringing Siri, the iOS digital assistant to Mac OSX environments. Technobuffalo reminds us that earlier this summer at the World Wide Developer's Conference Apple introduced the world to Yosemite. Now Yosemite is [...]

Nintendo Takes One Step Forward And Two Steps Back

Nintendo hasn't had a great couple of years. In fact the only companies in a worse position in the tech industry are probably Nokia and Blackberry. But things started to look up for Nintendo, as we reported earlier in the week. Regardless of strategy, Nintendo managed to attach more Mario Kart 8 games to console [...]

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Jury’s Back In Apple Samsung Case

The latest Apple vs Samsung patent infringement case had the potential to be the biggest, however, when the Jury came back late Friday evening it was all but that. Many news sites are reporting a big win for Apple. With the jury awarding $119.6 million dollars to Apple for Samsung infringing some of it's patents, [...]

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Google ‘Indoor Maps’ Patent Revealed

Until last week, it was unclear how Google managed to create the 'Indoor Maps' feature. However, last Thursday, March 27th, Patent Bolt pointed out that Google's patent application for "for Generating an Indoor Map Model," had been posted by the U.S. Patent & Trademark office online.

Samsung Files Patent For New Laptop/Tablet 2-in-1

According to a report from Patent Bolt Samsung recently filed a patent on a unique new tablet/laptop hybrid. The unique aspect of the new convertible lies in the way the two pieces - keyboard and display/tablet - connect to one another

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Move Over OpenTable, Apple’s Getting Into The Restaurant Business

Apple CEO, and Auburn alum, Tim Cook, has been under fire recently for not innovating the way Steve Jobs had. This theory is a bit cloudy. Obviously Jobs is credited with all of Apple's biggest innovations, but for the last few years of his life we only saw upgrades in previously innovative products a la [...]