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According to a report from Patent Bolt Samsung recently filed a patent on a unique new tablet/laptop hybrid. The unique aspect of the new convertible lies in the way the two pieces – keyboard and display/tablet – connect to one another. We usually think of this connection as being somewhat clunky and almost unnatural, thanks to these offerings:


However, the new Samsung patent displays an inventive new design for the attachment process:

This is an extremely unique approach to the connection. According to the Patent Bolt write up, the cylinder used for the connection could be completely hollow, and allow for the storage of a removable stylus. Perhaps as an illustration of current troubled relationship between Samsung and Google, the patent makes no mention of a specific OS. Perhaps nothing more than a calculated omission.1

Regardless of the OS or the specs, this new design represents a major departure from Samsung’s current tablet/laptop convertible designs. To date, Samsung has been one of the worst offenders of clunky and odd attachment mechanisms. Here is their ATIV Tab 7 convertible laptop/tablet:

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