Really Samsung, This Is The Next Big Thing?

Two years ago when Samsung went to the mainstream they wowed the world with their "Next Big Thing" campaign. Many will remember the commercials they used for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and original Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones. These ads mocked Apple fan boys who would line up days in advance of the latest release of [...]

Samsung unveils the Galaxy Grand 2 and Core Advance

Samsung has announced two more Android devices as 2013 comes to an end. Coming in with two lower to mid range devices Samsung has announced the Galaxy Grand 2 and the Core Advance, both devices that replace models that are less than a year old. Samsung has created a habit lately of releasing updated versions [...]

iPhone 5S, Samsung Inside?

Although Apple and Samsung are in an embroiled patent law suit that's lasted the last three years, other parts of the South Korean electronics giant are still supplier to Apple. Before heading to the courtroom over patent issues, Samsung and Apple used to have a very good relationship. In fact it was a relationship that [...]

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Samsung Planning To Sell 330 Million Smartphones Next Year

Omar Khan launches Samsung into the Galaxy at the original Galaxy S launch in 2010 (photo: K. Sandler) In the  earlier years of the Android operating system it appeared that there was going to be some fierce competition as far as manufacturers were concerned. The Motorola Droid came out of the gate like [...]