Sony Xperia Z3 Headed To T-Mobile Later This Month

Sony's latest high end smartphone, the Xperia Z3 is headed to T-Mobile stores and T-Mobile's "Data Strong" network on October 29th. The Xperia Z3 features Playstation Remote Play which will allow Z3 users to stream their Playstation 4 games to their handset via wifi to anywhere their wifi network reaches. You can take calls, make [...]

HTC Re Camera: A Goofy New Product

On Wednesday, HTC held a launch event. It was widely assumed that this event would mark the release of a new HTC smartwatch. According to Re/code, the wearable was not ready, and thus the launch of the watch was pushed back. HTC Americas head Jason Mackenzie told Re/code: We had originally planned to have a wearable [...]

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HTC Delaying Release Of Their Everyday Wearable

According to many different reports HTC has been hard at work on a wearable device of some sort. In fact, back in July, HTC may have inadvertently leaked their very own smartwatch.  Now with the specifications of the Apple Watch out of the bag and Samsung producing a new wearable every month, HTC has seen [...]

Yes Ashton Kutcher Is A Real Product Engineer

Yes Ashton Kutcher is a real product engineer or at least that's what he ends up telling one of the members of a Yoga Tablet focus group in the video below. This latest Lenovo video features Kutcher in his role as product engineer for the final installment in a three part series. So is Kutcher [...]

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HTC’s First Android Tablet In 3 1/2 Years Coming Soon

When HTC unveiled the HTC Flyer tablet to coincide with CTIA conference in 2011 many Android analysts thought it was a game changer. With new pen technology, later perfected by Samsung, it seemed that the answer to the iPad was being built by HTC. That was hardly the case. Now, in HTC's truly rebuilding year, [...]

Keep Your iPad In The Center Of Your Universe With Fridge Pad II

Having your iPad safely stored in the Kitchen may seem like a great idea for people that often use their iPad for cooking but it actually makes sense in a family where more than one member uses the same iPad. The Kitchen is often the center of your home's universe.  Most people start their day [...]

Verizon Wants To Make Sharing Anything, A Breeze

Verizon Wireless is investing heavily in services that go outside the realm of typical wireless service provider. The nation's largest carrier sees the value in their huge customer base and their ability to help their customers onboard into smartphones. Verizon is hoping that once a customer has a smartphone on their network, that they'll be [...]

Mobile App Firm Apperian Sees Increased Demand For Enterprise Mobility

Apperian, a Boston-based mobile app company, is gaining momentum in the enterprise sector with increased demand from clients such as Cisco and AT&T. This move has supplemented the average deal size of the startup to more than triple during the past year to $235,000. The swift growth is being accommodated by Brain Day’s promotion from [...]

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Oivo: The Lifesaving Backup Charger

Let's face it, there's nothing worse than your iPhone going dead. iPhones are a lifeline for half a billion people in the world. We use them to communicate with others, check email, keep up with online banking, play games, navigate, kill time and so much more. For more than a small amount of iPhone users, [...]

Android Is The King Of Porn And More Revealed By Porn Hub

Pornhub is back with an important report chock full of information on viewing habits for those partaking in adult oriented material both via mobile and desktop. dove into the report Sunday, most of the data wasn't too surprising. On the mobile side Android has a solid footing with 50% of the mobile viewing of [...]