Blackberry Is Hoping Big Enterprise Clients Will Switch To BES10

FierceWireless reported on Wednesday that Blackberry is pulling out all the stops to get people to upgrade from whatever Blackberry product or service that they are running, to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 platform. For those not in the know BES10 is the platform used by their newest line of phones (now about two years old) [...]

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T-Mobile’s Simple Starter Plans Get Even Simpler With More Data!

Now that Sprint's taken the cat out of the bag on their plans that they are hoping will lure away T-Mobile customers back to Sprint, T-Mobile has fired back. Last week Sprint's new CEO Marcelo Claure, unveiled new unlimited data plans for just $60. While T-Mobile didn't fight back by lowering their unlimited data offering [...]

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Now that just about every tech industry celebrity, CEO and investor has taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it's time for the technology to get involved. At least that's what the folks in Samsung UK's marketing department thought. It comes as no surprise that Samsung's flagship Galaxy S5 can withstand the rigorous temperatures and water [...]

Sprint Fights Back With $60 Unlimited Plan, But Is It Enough?

John Legere definitely has charisma and personality that can't be beat. Since taking over as T-Mobile USA's CEO he's turned the wireless industry on it's head. First he eliminated long term contracts, then early termination fees, he's made equipment easier to purchase and even gives away data for music streaming. Enter Sprint's new CEO Marcelo [...]

This Is The Man Who Wants To Take On T-Mobile’s John Legere

If you can't join 'em beat 'em, that' the philosophy that Sprint's trying to muster up now that Softbank' $32 billion dollar deal to acquire T-Mobile is off the table. Earlier this month regulatory hurdles were cited as the reason that Sprint parent Softbank decided to pullout of their bid for the nation's fourth largest carrier. [...]

And Now, Sprint Breaks Up With T-Mobile, And Uncle Dan Is Reportedly Out

Several news sources, including the GSMA, the global trade organization for the wireless industry, have reported this morning that Sprint has bowed out of the bidding for T-Mobile, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the United States. With T-Mobile on an increasing and steady incline over the last five quarters, and Sprint just about stagnant [...]

John Leger’s T-Mobile Is Looking Really Good Right Now

When John Legere took the helm at T-Mobile, the nation's fourth largest carrier, he was determined to shake things up. He's succeeded at that and continues adding customers in the process. Ever since introducing "un-carrier" initiatives which have included such practices as doing away with long term contracts, early termination fees and even charging for [...]

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Samsung Galaxy Avant Launches On T-Mobile With Kit Kat On Board

Samsung Galaxy Avant T-Mobile The line between high end Android phones and mid-range phones continues to get blurrier and blurrier. Just three years ago getting a medium range Android meant horrible buttons, horrible lag and horrible graphics. Those days are gone. Now, today's midrange phones carry yesterday's high end specs and with the amount of [...]

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Indian Phonemaker Karbonn Releases $44 Android Device

It's no secret that Indian phone manufacturers are pumping out incredibly affordable smartphones, including a proposed $25 Firefox OS phone. However, one company, Karbonn, just released what is India's cheapest smartphone: The A50S: While the specs aren't going to blow anyone away, they are much better than what you imagine a $44 phone having. The Karbonn [...]

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Uber Finally Hits The Windows Phone App Store

  It is no secret that the Windows Phone App store is pretty barren. Sure, you have all of the standard Facebook's and Twitter's, but there is an incredible distance between the sort of selection you find on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. While the selection is sparse, the market share of [...]

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