CHK20-TOPThat teeny tiny water leak in your hot water heater line, the line behind your bedroom wall or even near the washing machine can quickly escalate into damage in your home that costs thousands of dollars to fix. What’s even worse is those silent water leaks, where the water isn’t in pain sight and the only way you even know you have a leak is because your water bill has spiked.

Leave it to two entrepreneurs to create a detection system that’s affordable, easy to install and easy to use.

Meet CHK20.

The brain child of Ben Becker and Jessica Whittaker, CHK20 is not only an early detection system for water leaks but it can proactively shut the water off to prevent serious damage to your home, rental or business.

CHK20 uses easy fit fittings that don’t require soldering. The device lives within your water system and can sense the change in water pressure associated with a leak. From there CHK20 can let you know via smartphone app or web platform that there is a water leak and give you other important information about the plumbing in your home or office.

CHK20-FABCHK20 doesn’t use replaceable batteries or replaceable sensors meaning that once it’s set up that’s all you have to do. CHK20 will send you a notification if something isn’t right in your plumbing. This makes it perfect for people who own or manage apartments or multi unit dwellings. One CHK20 system in each unit will quickly tell the owner or building manager which unit is leaking, quickly preventing costly damage.

The accompanying smartphone app will receive messages from the CHK20 device. It will also allow the user to control their water, shutting it off remotely if need be. The system uses the wifi from your home’s router to communicate with the app whether you’re in the house or miles away.

CHK20 is competitively priced at just $225. Other water monitoring systems can cost thousands of dollars and require professional installation.

You can find out more about CHK20 here.