Through the course of our “summer school” here at Techfaster we’ve met plenty of tech savvy educators. From ISTE in early July to the NAESP show and Campus Tech that wrapped up this week, teachers, administrators and education enthusiasts were learning, sharing, and networking with each other. These are definitely the tech savvy teacher type, and that’s validated in the infographic below from Daily Genius.

But just because you spent part of the summer at EdTech conferences doesn’t necessarily mean you are a tech savvy teacher. Of course the reverse is true as well, maybe you had family events and your own kids to tend to during the summer. Are you a tech savvy teacher? A strong indicator would be that you’re even reading this article here at

Are you keeping your students, parents, fellow teachers and administrators up to date with the goings on in your classroom with your own blog? That’s a good sign you’re a tech savvy teacher. Just think about what the communication you can have with a blog, would have been like in the days of the ditto machine? You would have to plan out your thoughts, outline them, create a ditto original, print them, pass them out to students, and just pray they didn’t end up on the floor of the school bus.

Are you networking with other teachers you’ve never met on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or a knowledge sharing educational site?

Are you regularly attending edtech chat or listening to podcasts?

All of these are signs that you care about your own professional development, living in current times and caring about your students.

YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat, Minecraft, Instagram, and Vine are all a part of your students lives. Facebook, Pinterest and email are all a part of your students’ parents’ lives. You’re almost too far behind if you’re not a “tech savvy” teacher. Check out the infographic below and see how you stack up.