Event Socially

There are a bunch of apps being displayed at One Spark this year. There are many that stand out. One such app is Event Socially. Event Socially is a new take on event sharing. Here is how the creators describe the application:

Event Socially 1

EventSocially is the authoritative source for all events and parties across the nation making social events much easier to connect to. Taking from what is the most popular and trending in social media, EventSocially will lead you to the most talked about and relevant party in your area.

Events can be added by anyone, anytime. Fun is at your fingertips. As long as people are talking about it, EventSocially will connect you to it! Giving you live tweets, instagrams, images and videos.1

Essentially, Event Socially is looking to be the source to find out about popular events. Currently, the app has events in many major markets across the U.S.:

Event Socially features live events nationwide. Some of the cities the app includes are Miami, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, DC, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Austin, Boston, New Orleans, Seattle, Atlantic City, Orlando, Phoenix.2

Event socially is definitely on our list of One Spark Creators to check out.

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