In the current era, it is quite clear that innovation is not confined to any one geographic location; it is worldwide. From bustling Indian software companies, to U.S. semi-conductor and hardware companies, to South Korean automobile manufacturers, innovation is truly global in scale. The infographic below – Via Good Magazine – takes a look at the global state of innovation. As a guide, Good Magazine used the Thompson Reuters Global Innovators as a guide. Good showed what percentage of the innovators list is headquartered in each country across the world. While it is clear that the U.S. does have a sizable advantage, other countries are catching up.

The graphic further breaks down which industries are leading the ‘Global Innovators.’ In what should really come as no surprise, the leading industry in the ‘Global innovators’ list was “Semiconductor and Electronic Component Manufacturing,” followed closely by “Computer Hardware Manufacturing.”

Perhaps the most shocking finding in the graphic is China’s position. Not even one of the top 100 :Global Innovators” is headquartered in China. The graphic points out that this may be because China focuses on the domestic market first, and fall short in global reach. Anyhow, there are some really interesting statistics below. Check it out: “Pioneers of the Mellennial World: The Most Innovative Countries and Industries” Via Good Magazine: