G-hold fA couple weeks back Drew did a CES Preview on a new product called G-Hold. We received a lot of interesting email and tweets about the product. Many of our readers quickly watched G-Hold’s video to see what the new product was all about.

G-Hold mounts to the back of your tablet so that you can use the palm of your hand to hold it without dropping it. At first glass this amazingly simple product and it’s relevance may be hard to understand, but having been a traveling journalist for over a decade, and using my tablet as part of that for the last 3 years,I understand the G-Hold like no other and it makes perfect sense.

One Handed Artists/Painters

I’ve seen so many semi-pro and professional painters who will take whatever they’re painting, or rather the inspiration for whatever they’re painting and hold it in their hand the entire time.  Whether it’s a picture of a country side that they are using for inspiration, or a picture of a dog, the artist will hold that reference piece in their hand while they spend countless hours working on their rendition. Many artists are now holding tablets in their hand to do that, G-Hold means they don’t have to actually hold it or worry about dropping it, but it stays with them.

Retail and Hospitality

If you’ve been to a Verizon Wireless store in the last two years you may have noticed they are using iPads. What you may not have noticed is that they’ve actually been trained to put the iPad on a counter or table while they are working with a customer. Although all of the iPads are in otter box style cases, tablets are placed on hard sturdy surfaces so they don’t get dropped, thus distracting the employees from customers. Imagine with G-Hold how much more attentive employees could be to customers in almost any kind of retail environment.

The benefits for the hospitality industry would be the same, especially when a hotel worker needs to make a visit to a guest’s room.


How many times have you had to tell your kid to hold onto the tablet tightly. The G-Hold eliminates that problem because it stays on the users hand.

The G-Hold can stick to the bare back of a tablet, any tablet case including Lifeproof, Griffin and Otterbox, and even leather cases.

The company kicked off the new year with a Kickstarter campaign looking to yield £10,000 in 45 days, which shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve seen quite a few of these types of products in the past but so far G-Hold looks like it’s the most durable, reliable and more importantly, comfortable. That may be because it’s been designed by the same woman behind the Safetray a hospitality tray for servers that had a place underneath firmly holding the tray to the server’s hand.

You can head over to Kickstarter and support G-Hold now.