As a follow up to our article on Google Glass in the Classroom, we thought it would be good to expound on some of the possible educational uses of Glass. Below, in a nifty infographic, 30 different ideas for how to use Glass in a classroom are touched on. While these are some great ideas, they represent a mere tip of the iceberg. As we touched on in our previous article, there are an almost infinite amount of applications for Google Glass in the classroom.

There is still a great many barriers in the way of bringing glass to every classroom. Firstly, is the $1200 price tag. While this will certainly go down, as cash-strapped as many public schools are, it would be a stretch to buy even one set of Google Glass. Although some are skeptical of the possible invasions of privacy, it is quite clear that the possible educational benefits of Glass drastically outweigh any possible negative consequences.

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