Hey Joe LogoHere at TechFaster, most of us are coffee addicts. That said, we are always on the lookout – at least I am – for some new innovative coffee product. Over the weekend, we came across what is easily one of the more interesting coffee products we have ever seen. This is the Hey Joe Coffee Mug:

Hey Joe Mug

The first thing that jumps out is the retractable bay. This is where the magic happens. Here is how the company’s Kickstarter campaign describes the benefit proposition (emphasis added):

The Hey Joe coffee mug is a travel sized coffee mug that acts just like any other coffee mug, except it can brew coffee inside of your thermos and regulate the temperature automatically…which means not only can you ensure your coffee is immediately ready to drink as soon as it’s done brewing, but that you can brew your coffee in pretty much any situation, anywhere, anytime. 1

The mug acts as a drip coffee maker. There are two different reservoirs, separated in the center of the mug.

The top part holds the water and the bottom section is where the coffee is stored after the water is heated and drips through. There is a tray located in the middle of the Coffee mug so you can insert your Hey Joe Coffee pod in the tray, add water of any temperature to the top reservoir, push the power button once for the coffee to be brewed to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.2

Hey Joe cup

This is by far one of the more interesting Kickstarter products we have seen in recent months. You can pre-order the Hey Joey Coffee Mug for $49 on their Kickstarter Campaign. The mug will retail for $69, so that is a substantial discount.