PlayStation-LogoSony’s Playstation 4 seems to be the hot item this holiday season. Xbox One is hot as well but Playstation 4 seems to be edging out the latest generation of Microsoft’s gaming console by a hair.

While everyone has been touting the statistics from last month’s launch of both systems, and the statistics of Sony and Microsoft’s previous consoles the Xbox 360 and the PS3 UK firm Westbase Technology took up the task of showing the progress of the entire Playstation brand.

Sony introduced their first video game console, the Playstation One or just Playstation in 1994. It was the first video game system to sell over 100 million units.  It’s biggest rivals, at the time of release, were gaming consoles from Japanese giant Nintendo. The original 8 bit Nintendo, released in 1983, sold 61.91 million units. The Super Nintendo, which followed the NES sold 49.1 million units since it’s release in 1990. Nintendo’s N64 system, released two years after the Playstation, only sold 32.93 million units world wide.

Sega introduced their Sega Saturn system alongside the Playstation One but it only sold 9.5 million units.

Sony, the inventor of the Walkman and the Discman and a pioneer in both CD and DVD technology, skipped over the cartridge phase and introduced the original Playstation with a CD drive, making it easier to get more data into each game.

For more awesome factoids about the Playstation brand check out the infographic below. Also, take note that when it comes to things like release dates, Westbase Technology is a UK based company:



Source: Digital Life
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