Divoom, Bluetune Bean, Bluetooth, Holiday Gift GuideOver the years I’ve literally checked out, reviewed or otherwise tested over 200 different Bluetooth speakers. When Bluetooth took off speakers came from every company, country and continent. There’s a Bluetooth speaker in every size, shape and configuration so finding the best BlueTooth speaker can be hard.

Divoom has come up with a new, stylish and affordable line of Bluetooth speakers called the Bluetune Bean. Available in yellow, red, pink, white, black and blue, the speaker clips onto your belt clip, back pack, or any other number of places to provide a great sound and real convenience.


  • Bluetooth V3.0 ensures crisp and clear sound quality
  • Speakerphone capability allows you to take and make phone calls
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of listening time
  • Offers 10 meters of wireless range, making it ideal for outdoor use
  • Includes a metal carabineer for hooking on a belt loop or backpack
  • Available in blue, yellow, pink, red, white or black


I got a chance to play with the BlueTune Bean and I’ll be honest with you my expectations were quite low. I’ve seen a similar form factor from several companies what I found blew me away, especially at a $30 price point.

The first surprise was the sturdy packaging. While packaging isn’t really an important factor, it had the same hard plastic packaging you would see on a high end Bluetooth headset. It was possible that Divoom was masking an inferior product with exceptional packaging but that wasn’t the case.

In the hand the Bluetooth Bean felt heavy and solid. With a Bluetooth speaker, you want a little weight. If it’s too light it signals cheap inner components.

Unlike several Bluetooth devices the Bluetooth Bean had clear identifying noises to let me know that the speaker was on and that it had sycned with my phone. When the Bluetooth Bean was powered up I was able to quickly find it in my Bluetooth device list and syncing took less than 10 seconds. No pairing or code was necessary.

Upon listening to the Bluetooth Bean I found that the sound was clear even at it’s highest volume. I’m currently having a problem in my car since it doesn’t have an aux jack I can’t plug my phone directly into the car’s sound system so I use an RF Modulator which tops my stereo out at an almost unhearable volume. When I clipped the Bluetooth Bean to my rear view mirror it filled the car at a comfortable level without ANY distortion, even at it’s highest setting.


The BlueTooth Bean also has an integrated speakerphone and you lose NO sound quality when going from audio source to speakerphone. I made three calls of varying lengths and all three people I called couldn’t tell I was on a speakerphone despite calling them hands free from the car. Even with the window cracked the speakerphone was clear.

The only downside

Divoom isn’t a popular manufacturer in the United States and brand conscious consumers are going to frown when they realize it’s not a name brand speaker like Jabra or JawBone. Once you can demonstrate the product though it competes with similar sized speakers from any manufacturer.

Find out more and where to buy here at divoom.com