According to several reports 85% of the US population uses the internet in some type of way. Another study suggests that over 70% of the US has a “broadband” connection, which right now encompasses anyone with a connection speed better than 6mbps.

With all those people using the internet, the question arises, just how do you use the internet. Of course many of these internet users could be younger children logging onto Nickjr or Disneyjr with the help of mom and dad. They also may be senior adults that are using Facebook or email as a way of communicating with other family members. But what about everyone else?

Well a new infographic from has publishes the important need to know data about how people are predominantly using the internet these days.

The biggest type of internet use is search. 92% of online activity begins with a search and 82.6% of internet users visit search engines regularly. Search absolutely dominates all types of internet use including gaming.

Another surprising fact from the infographic is that 57.88% of users are still using Internet Explorer as their preferred browser, with Google’s Chrome browser edging out competition from Mozilla’s Firefox 17.92% to 17%. Apple’s Safari browser has only captured 5.66% of the market.

Check out the infogaphic below which gives you a deep dive into internet searching and internet trends in the United States.

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