iheartradiologoClear Channel Media & Entertainment is huge in the United States, so you don’t often think about them appearing a tradeshows internationally. So on the ground at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we found it a bit odd, but comforting to a degree, to see IHEARTRADIO as part of the announcements coming from the biggest mobile conference in the world.

Clear Channel has gone all in on their digital efforts including the IHEARTRADIO app which allows users to listen to any of the Clear Channel owned radio stations, several other companies radio stations and create custom play lists and stations based on what listeners like. IHEARTRADIO has also become the main digital brand behind the radio giant in the United States, culminating in the IHEARTRADIO festival, several other national events and specialty shows as well.

LetsMWCThe iHeartRadio app gives listeners (users) access to all of this content regardless of what their musical, or even talk radio tastes are.

iHeartRadio has made a successful splash on the mobile app landscape so it’s no wonder that they next place you would find the app is on the wrist.  Now thanks to the new Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, users an do just that.

Despite the minimal amount of real estate available on the screen of a smartwatch the iHeartRadio app for Samsung Gear 2 features include:

  • Access Favorite Live And Custom Stations
  • Save Favorites
  • Scan Live Stations
  • Skip Songs On Custom Stations
  • Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Songs

“iHeartRadio is dedicated to providing even more access to the music, news and entertainment that our listeners love,” said Clear Channel Pres./Digital BRIAN LAKAMP. “Wearablesare an emerging access point for music fans, and Clear Channel continues to make iHeartRadio available everywhere our users are listening. The sleek design and interface of the SAMSUNG GEAR 2 lends itself well to the iHeartRadio user experience and we believe it will be popular among our listeners.”

The iHeartRadio app will be available on the Galaxy Gear 2 when the device launches later this spring.