NokiaOn Wednesday June 11, @evleaks published an internal Nokia document. This document, among other things, revealed that Microsoft will phase out all Nokia branding. Microsoft will no longer be carrying the Nokia name on any devices in the near future. The leaked document included an FAQ section. Within this section, the first FAQ really stands out:

1. What will happen to existing Nokia branded assets at closing?

Marketing collateral is transferring with the business along with other assets that may include some Nokia brands and marks. Microsoft has the right to use the Nokia brand for product marketing purposes in connections with the devices that carry the Nokia brans (18 months post-close for Nokia Lumia devices; through 31 December 2015 for Nokia X devices; and 10 years for mobile phones).1

Via @evleaks

Via @evleaks

broadbandchoices summed up the situation quite well:

The news is not really a shock – Microsoft retired the name Nokia from its mobile phone business earlier this year, and Nokia will still exist as a network and mapping company. However, here’s something that might make you go ‘aw :(‘ – assuming you talk in emoticons – the famous Nokia tune could also be retired.2