Apple has become increasingly popular in the United States and around the world. According to Apple CEO (and Auburn alum) Tim Cook, over 130 million people became new Apple customers this year along, buying their first Apple device.

Regardless of your opinion on iPhones and iPads, both devices have helped fuel the sales of Macbooks, iMacs and Mac Pros. People who may have been exposed to Apple in school are coming back to Apple now after they familiarize themselves with an entry device like an iPhone or iPad.

What people have also learned about Apple is that it’s hard to find a discount on Apple products. There’s a standard education discount but other than that they maintain pretty strict pricing guidelines. With that in mind are there places to get better deals on Apple products? Are their certain states that are better for buying Apple products?

Dealnews says yes.

Dealnews published their findings on the best places to buy Apple products and even included an infographic with the best states to buy Apple products.

iPhone Deals: Sprint and Walmart.

iPad Deals: Ebay

Macbook Air: Best Buy

You can see why they chose these outlets as the best places for deals on Apple products. But aside from that, what about the states?

Most Apple “deals” require an instore purchased. 37% of iPhones deals require in store pickup. With that in mind, infographic below sheds some light on the best states for Apple deals.

United States Of Apple Deals, infographic