Singing Christmas Tree, Jordin SilverYou’ve seen those motion activated Christmas trees right? The ones that look like a cross between the grinch, Oscar the grouch and a Christmas Tree? Normally they sing Christmas carols to whoever steps in their path.

They are usually cute the first time you step into it’s spell. Maybe even the first ten times you walk past it. But after a while it can become the most annoying holiday decoration in your home. Or in your parents home, as the case was for alternative radio DJ Jordin Silver.

Silver is heard on Atlanta’s Radio 105.7 as well as a slew of other popular alternative stations. She’s got a very likable, matter a fact personality and she genuinely stays on the cusp of pop culture and even technology. She’s also a self proclaimed workaholic. So this year when she got the last minute opportunity to visit her parents at their home in Maine for Thanksgiving time was limited and the mood was festive.

Judging by her public social media channels her family and her friends were equally happy to spend limited time with the bi-coastal dj. But her dad ws up to the same tricks he plays on her every year. See, he hides that annoying motion activated Christmas tree, in hopes to scare poor young Jordin when she arrives at the family home. Admittedly, from the video below, it works. But this time was different.

After 1,000 mile trip, and having to cram 3 days worth of work into one day, she was in no mood to deal with the tree.

So her dad took her out to the yard. He set the tree up a good 100 yards from where they were standing. After Silver’s father shed a few quick tears for his beloved tree, he let his daughter shoot it with a handgun.  All the while the tree came to life and thwarted the groggy maven of the alternative dial, the same way a wack a mole does, to a four year old at Chuckie Cheese.

Did the tree live? Find out below.

Keep up with Jordin Silver on Atlanta’s Radio 105-7 Here.  And if you must, you can buy that singing tree here.