Nolan-Bushnell-SXSWNolan Bushnell. the man behind the original Atari and the first interactive kids restaurant concept, Chuck E Cheese, took to the main stage at SXSWedu on Monday to talk about the project he’s been working on over the last two years, Brain Rush.

Bushnell is forging his two loves, video games and kids and making them work together with Brain Rush, on the surface, an ed tech gaming studio. Bushnell is hoping to take the company to it’s name sake and says he wants to “unlock the genius in all of us”.

Bushnell said on Monday at SXSWedu that emerging research on the brain will make it easier than ever to train kids to remember things, and then retain them better.  He sees a time in the not so distant future where kids will be able to retain everything they learn in high school or college with just 15 minutes a day of review.

As to the software Bushnell refers to BrainRush as Education 3.0 an up take on the Web 2.0 movement we’re experiencing in every other area. Hearing him speak about it, he likens what he’s doing almost to machine learning for kids saying that the software Brain Rush produces will be able to learn based on the children using it.

SXSWedu is the fastest growing secondary event for the SXSW franchise and officially kicks off SXSW in Austin Texas. The other secondary events include the new SXSWV2V introduced last year and SXSWeco.