NV Bots

NVbots, a Boston startup, just launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund their new 3D Printer. The company has already raised “$850,000 from angel investors (who aren’t being disclosed) and is looking to close the round at $1 million via Fundable.”1 These are no ordinary 3D printers, however.


NVbots has built, what they call, the World’s First “fully-automated, cloud-connected 3D printer.”2 Beta Boston offers some more detail into what this actually means:

NVBots says its product, which is currently being leased by three schools, is the world’s first fully-automated, cloud-connected printer. According to chief executive AJ Perez, that means that users can print objects 24/7 rather than having to be present and wait for each print to finish (as with typical 3D printers). The NVBots printer allows users to print wirelessly via the cloud, and when an object is done printing, it is automatically removed by a robotic arm to make room for the next print job.3


The whole goal of the campaign, and of the company, is to make 3D printing as easy as ink printing. The company offers 3 main value-propositions over other 3D printers:

Easy to PRINT
Upload your own file or choose some from our library of printable content, use our 3D print preview tool, then add it to the queue. — simple as that that!

Easy to SHARE
Our patent-pending robotic arm removes items from the printer as they finish printing, so you can queue up projects from multiple users and print them one after another.

Easy to MANAGE
With our simple management system, administrators can approve and manage the printing queue as needed. NVPrinter live video feed eliminates the need to monitor the printer for hours at a time, so you spend less time babysitting and more time creating. Print 24-7 without any physical interaction.4