There are a ton of smart things out there. The internet of things knows no bounds. The major drawback, however, to the internet of things is the autonomy of each smart device. You have a smart thermostat, fan, and lights, but you need to open a different app for each one. What if there was a way to connect every single device in one platform. Well now there is:

Oort Hub

Oort is gearing up for a crowdfunding campaign to fund their Internet of Everything. Oort has built a unique system that allows you to control just about anything from your smartphone, whether these devices are “smart” or not:

Through a unique system of beacons and sensors, oort turns your phone into a remote control that has the power to turn off lights, control the temperature and even keep track of objects, pets and people.

All of this is possible thanks to oort’s multi-radio WiFi/Bluetooth low energy (BTLE) hub, a true Internet of Things (IoT) hub that connects all beacons, power strips, adaptors and environment sensors to one simple, easy-to-use interface that can be managed right from your phone or  an Internet browser.1

Oort’s platform utilizes Bluetooth to connect to individual devices. This is done by integrates any BTLE device with iBeacon profiles:

Oort is the first smart home system that uses Bluetooth to communicate between individual devices. While competitors rely on things like Z-Wave or Insteon to pair products with compatible devices – ultimately reducing how many devices can work with the systems – we’re ahead of the curve. Oort can be controlled by the smartphones users already own, and can be fully integrated with any BTLE-compatible device in the marketplace.2

Oort 1As noted above, the company is gearing up for a crowdfunding campaign. Once their campaign is live, we will check-in on the Internet of Everything. For now, here is a good look at Oort’s vision for the internet of things:


You can find out more about OORT here and back them on Prefundia here!