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Anyone who has ever designed a website knows how important wireframing is. It is a great way to map out the look and feel of a site before diving in. However, there are very few good wireframing resources out there. Often, developers and designers use Photoshop and or some other image editor to create mock-ups. However, we just came across a wireframing tool that has an extremely robust set of features: ProcessON. We had a chance to ask the ProcessON team a few questions about their software:


What is ProcessON?

ProcessOn is founded in June 2011 and launched in early 2012 by Jack Liu, the CEO of ActionSoft CO., LTD, also the founder of CN-Java. It is a business collaboration platform combined diagram service with social network for enterprises, teams, business individuals. The developing team ofProcessOn is a group of 80s, all with creative and big ideas in bringing diagramming revolution to China, even the world by providing an innovative, feature-oriented, high speed collaboration platform for users.

 Who uses ProcessON?

ProcessOn is the free web-based diagram creator. Most for the business usage, the existing users at ProcessOn mainly are enterprise, business professionals, schools, educators. ProcessOn can be used in all sorts of different situations from business projects to teaching presentation.

 Why did you build ProcessON?

The idea of ProcessOn was first brought up to provide a BPM tool especially for the business process users. It is now defined as the promising business collaboration platform combined diagram service with social network for enterprises, teams, business individuals, enables visually impactful, collaborative communications.

How is your product different from what is currently available?

ProcessOn is the first to provide a free socialized diagram platform across Asia. It highly increase the speed of diagramming the web technology of HTML5 and Javascript, sucessfully changed the traditional situation that users need to install and pay for the digram software. We strongly believe that the success of the online diagram is all about increasing productivity in work.

Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Surely there are. It is Jack Liu who first raised the idea of ProcessOn. The developing team is a group of 80s, young and full of passion , they have different opinion about situation of working mode, thinking about another intuitive, time-saving work pattern. It is a hard time for every start-up in early days , ProcessOn is no exception, especially without the support of family and meeting the financial difficulty, but ProcessOn persisted. Now time tells, ProcessOn will strive to provide the best diagramming service.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Jack Liu
CEO of ProcessOn, with over 15 years experience of in IT. Acquired the master degree of Software Engineer from Beijing Hangtian University. In 1998, Jack started his career in the software and technology industry. He enjoys high reputation in the field of developing and coding, and established the first Chinese Java Community soon—— In 2001, the Chinese BPM vendor-Action Soft CO.,LTD has been established by Jack and the co-founders, now Action Soft is ranked as one of the biggest BPM provider in China.

Morris Wong
Technical Director of ProcessOn. Also the CTO of ProcessOn, is professionally qualified and highly experienced in the technology field. He has made a huge contribution to ProcessOn as well as in IT industry.

Mia Su
COO of ProcessOn. Acquired Bachelor degree of International business from Central South University, obtained knowledge and professional experience in software operations and marketing. Mia is also proved with achievements in social media, fashion industry and start-ups.

What’s the next step? What are your short-term goals?

Currently, our goal is spreading awareness of ProcessOn to benefit more users. The 1 million users get to know ProcessOnwithout any promotion or ads, they are our honest user base, that’s them make us pursuing every progress and perfection.

In our next steps, we will be significantly improving the support of diagramming offline and mobility, also including improvements of our currently online designer, such as user experience, diagram types(Network diagram and wireframe is already in our plan). Our users are confident about us and we will never disappoint about them. We have every reason to believe that the Socialized Diagram Platform ProcessOn would be a best alternative to individuals, teams, even enterprises.