Andrew Wolson (above left) presented one of the most interesting Creator Projects that we saw at One Spark. Andrew’s project, “Skateboard wheel printer,” is still in its infancy, as far a becoming an actual product. However, Andrew told us that he has had the idea in the back of his mind for 3+ years. Andrew told us that the original idea for the wheel came while he was designing labeling or packaging – I can’t recall which – for a skateboard company during his time at SCAD. He wanted to apply the approach of skateboarding to the design of skateboard wheels.


Skateboarding is very much about approaching and viewing everyday objects and locals from a different, unique perspective: skateboarders ollie down stairs, instead of walking; grind handrails instead of holding on, and so forth. Andrew wanted to apply that same concept – the alternate approach to objects – to the skateboard wheel. Andrew’s skateboard wheel printer does just that.


Andrew’s wheel is incredibly unique, as you can see above. Stated quite simply, “This is a skateboard wheel that when rolled across the ground with leave and impression on the ground.”1 The cast for the wheel is 3D printed, and can be customized as much as the small surface area will allow. Once the cast is made, the wheels will be made with the traditional polyurethane. Inside each wheel, however, is an inkwell as you can see in the cutaway on the right in the above image. Here is an exaple of the kind of impression the wheel will leave on the ground:


Andrew explained the concept to us in much greater detail when we stopped by his booth during One Spark. The prototype is so new that Andrew has yet to get a website up and running for the skateboard wheel, but you can check out his personal website, or say hello on Google+:

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