Want A Ton Of Cloud Storage Space, Support Pikanote And It’s All Yours

There are many great note taking apps out there. Evernote tops the list as one of the most popular. However, Evernote can be cumbersome at times and overbearing to new users. What if those users are kids or students. They need a note taking app that's easy to understand but keeps up with their work [...]

Vidy: Augmented Reality App that Gives Paper Life

In my own opinion, I think augmented reality is one of the coolest things out there. There has been, to-date, a very narrow use case with AR, and it almost seems as all the big players have abandoned it. AR is sort of a sleeping giant. There are a few applications for AR, but most [...]

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Whole Is Threes For Fourth Graders

So at this point in time if you haven't heard of the megahit game Threes there's something wrong with you. It's an addictive game that has the player try and build up multiples of Three to score more and more points. Start playing against family members and it becomes downright time consuming. While Threes is [...]

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Vocabla: A Different Approach to Language Learning [Interview]

           There is no shortage of language learning applications and software out there. The great majority of these apps, however, are more focused on intensive learning. It can be quite difficult to learn through the typical intensive approach. One company, Vocabula, thinks that learning a language is easier when approaching with a more systematic, [...]

Yahoo’s Beautiful News Digest Lands on Android

Yahoo's mobile push is beginning to yield dividends. News Digest is a beautiful, incredibly useful news app.

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Keystok: Easily Encrypt, Share and Manage your app configs

We just came across a pretty interesting developer tool, Keystok. Keystok is a service for developers that stores encrypted secrets in the cloud and gives you a central place to manage, share and revoke them. Christian Fruehwirth, a member of the Keystok team, told us a bit more about the service in an email: App configs contain a [...]

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Mowz Is Uber For Your Lawn

Back in November, before we realized that the winter of 2014 would have more snow than all the previous winters combined, we reported on a geinus app called Plowz. Plowz is the Uber of snow plowing, connecting home owners and business owners with an on-demand fleet of snow removers. Trust me they had a great [...]

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Is Your Child Ready For Kindergarten? This App Will Help

Is your child ready for kindergarten? As the school year starts to wind down, parents everywhere are preparing their 4 year olds for their last summer at home, and hopefully it's off to kindergarten. Since there's no mandate on pre-k, nursery school or preschool, kindergarteners come into school with a variety of educational backgrounds. Some [...]

4 Out Of 5 Dentists Are Going To Love Grush

Shocker! Getting kids to brush their teeth is a challenge. If you're the parent of a school aged child, like myself, we know that getting kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge. At the same time, if you can get your kids into the habit of brushing their teeth early, they'll stay hooked. [...]

Boyfriend Tracking, There’s An App For That

One look at the headline and you may be thinking that someone had created some kind of Bluetooth or GPS enabled sensor to track their boyfriend. While there are a variety of tools out there that could do that, that's not the case here. A new app has hit the iTunes App Store called Boyfriend [...]

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