Wimble Gamifies Your To Do List With A Little Help From Your Friends

Back in the day a company from Finland revolutionized the mobile phone. Nokia was first on the scene with a wide variety of very popular feature phones. They were also the first to test the waters of an app economy and their own operating system, Symbian. A few years later the Finnish people were back, [...]

Uber Finally Hits The Windows Phone App Store

  It is no secret that the Windows Phone App store is pretty barren. Sure, you have all of the standard Facebook's and Twitter's, but there is an incredible distance between the sort of selection you find on the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store. While the selection is sparse, the market share of [...]

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Total POM Goes Android

Total POM the complete tracking system on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, has just five days to go. To date it's the tracking and monitoring system that we have the most faith in, why, because it was created by Eco Tracking, a company that''s been in the tracking business for years. Also, Total POM isn't just about [...]

App Will Answer Is It Kosher

The bacon makes this Bagel and Lox not Kosher There are some great apps out there for people with food allergies like Whatzinit. Whatzinit makes it easier for people with food allergies to shop in the grocery store. But what about people that want to keep kosher? Millions of Jewish people from around [...]

Control Your “Grow Room” Anywhere You Go With xGrower

xGrower Grow Room App Diego Bruno has been in the IT field for over a decade. He's also a hobbyist grower who enjoys growing "plants" in a closet in his home. Like many indoor growers, his lighting, water flow and other equipment needed for growing "plants" is reliant on timers. Most of those timers haven't [...]

App Fuels 27 Million Acts Of Kindness Across K-12 Students

Great Kindness Challenge App NAESP We're gearing up for the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) conference in Nashville later this week. In our preparations for the event, like all events, we reached out to the exhibitors to start some preview stories ahead of time. One of those with Great Kindness Challenge, from Kids [...]

An Elliptical For Under Your Desk, Check Out Cubii

Under Desk Elliptical Cubii Being in the tech world you probably spend most of your time behind a desk. Perhaps your plotting the next Facebook, fielding customer service calls for a new startup, or working on something edtech related. Whatever the case may be, you, like me, spend the bulk of your day in a [...]

Fast Food’s About To Get Even Faster, At Least From McDonalds

McDonalds Order App McDonalds has always prided themselves on how fast they can serve you two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun along with an order of fries and a drink. McDonalds restaurants that stay on their toes can usually get that to the customer from order [...]

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Trov: Quantify Your Stuff

   Trov Quantify Your Stuff While the quantified self movement is picking up steam, there have been certain aspects left out. One of these has less to do with the "self" and more to do with "stuff." We just came across an interesting new startup that wants to help you quantify all of your stuff. [...]