VaryCode Logo We just came across a very interesting new web application, VaryCode. VaryCode is an all-in-one programming code converter. VaryCode’s Makerting Manager told us that the application is “a kind of Google Translate between seven major programming languages: C#, Visual Basic .Net, Java, C++, Ruby, Python and Boo.”

As source code conversion is often one of the last things that any programmer wants to do, it is a pain in the ass, a tool like VaryCode is a great resource. However, the founders point out that while the app eliminates many of the mundane aspects, the conversion is not 100% automated, and still requires human input:

The Service is not supposed to be an ultimate one-click solution one can easily migrate between platforms with. The lion’s share of conversions of nontrivial snippets of code will for certain require some human hand-crafted adjustments.

There is a good argument against 100% automation, however. The structural differences, especially as the code gets more and more complex, between languages sometimes inhibits an automatic conversion, thus requiring human input. According to Dmitry Shaurin, the Founder of VaryCode:

Due to core differences and complexities, some exceptional types of functionality are really hard to simulate and implement anywhere else — various mechanisms ofDLL loading and linking, for example, might become a real challenge in implementing in automatic converters.

The comparison to Google Translate is apt in more ways than one. Both perform a similar sort of function, but the UI/UX of both is quite similar, take a look:

Google Translate  VaryCode Converter- C# -- Java

Share VaryCodeAlthough some of basic functionality will always be free, VaryCode is offering a month of unlimited functionality for free by sharing the application on Facebook and Twitter.





Here is a quick video walk through of VaryCode in action: