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Among all of the apps that will be on display at One Spark this year, there is a social networking app that really stands out. Yubixi is, “A new kind of mobile social networking app that connects you with relevant people, places, and events you might otherwise miss.”1 Yubixi is a really unique take on social networking. Rather than looking for and connecting with people you already know, Yubixi is built around connecting people around common interest.


Scott Hooks, the CEO and co-founder of Yubixi noted the company’s approach to social networking on their blog:

Other social networks are about keeping you in touch with people you already know, or following people you know something about. We see a gap in helping people actually make new connections and we set out to make doing so easy and fun…We have created an experience that is centered on your true interests and provides a several ways to interact with others who share those interests…We want to create a great user experience that makes it easy to make new friends anywhere you go without having to do something like join a group, whether it’s finding something to do, assembling a band, volunteering, some obscure hobby, or even making a potential business connection.2

The app itself is incredibly easy to use. It provides the standard news feeds, but also allows for group discussion areas tailored your specific interests. as far as interests, the app provides a categorized list of over 300 interests to choose from, you can also create your own interest topic and make them available to the Yubixi community as a whole.

The whole TechFaster team has already downloaded the app, and we are planning on using it a lot during One Spark. Come find us, and everyone else, on Yubixi. Below is a link to download the app, and a short video showing Yubixi in action:

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