Tobii: Eye Tracking in Gaming and Assistive Tech

You have no doubt heard of eye tracking, but most likely in an analytics context. However, Tobii offers eye tracking in two contexts that are incredibly unique: "Gaze Interaction," and "Assistive Technology Devices & Solutions."

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Wandoo Planet: Kid-powered Interest Genome Project

Wandoo Plant is built on the premise that if children are actively learning about and doing the thing that they love, they will transcend their reading levels. With that idea as the foundation, Wandoo Planet seeks to expose children to, and help them uncover more of the things that they enjoy.

Chevrolet And OnStar Makes Major Beats Music Announcement At SXSW

OnStar is once again on the ground here in Austin for SXSW now through March 16th for both SXSW Interactive and SXSW Music. As in years past OnStar will be teaming up with Chevrolet to give people free rides wherever they need to go downtown. The only caveat, instead of using a smartphone or traditional [...]

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SXSW Gaming Expo: What to Look For this Year

The Gaming Expo is one of the highlights of the entire SXSW festival, an one of the things that we look forward to the most each year. This years expo is at the Palmer Events Center, and runs from Friday March 7th until Sunday, March 9.

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Evanced Games: Uncovers The Fun & Excitement Of Learning [sxsw]

Evanced Games is the company behind Wandoo Planet, who we also spoke to at SXSW. Beyond showcasing Wandoo Planet, Evanced Games was at the conference to show off their four other education games.

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Hang w/ App To Bridge SXSWi & SXSWm With 50 Cent

Year after year the synergy that crosses over from the SXSW Interactive festival to the original SXSW Music festival continues to roar. More and more music lovers are coming a few days early to catch the latest and greatest in technology products, apps, and new high growth potential companies. At the same time more and [...]

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We Want To See You At SXSWi

South By Southwest Interactive is finally here and the crappy weather that we had for SXSWedu earlier this week is taking a break (at least for today). Want to know where you can grab some wifi, power up your smartphone or tablet and even grab a Red Bull. Well come by the Hilton Garden Inn [...]

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Your Tablet Or Smartphone Is The Way To Get To Sesame Street [sxsw]

"Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street" is a question that's been on my mind since the mid 80's and I was still in pre-school. Certainly we could go to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania or visit the Children's Television Workshop. My parents and I would also see Elmo, Big Bird and the [...]

RobotsLAB Wins The LAUNCHedu Contest [SXSW]

Last night, Wednesday March 5th, RobotsLAB was named the winner of the 2014 LAUNCHedu competition at SXSW. RobotsLAB emerged from more than 80 competitors to win the 3rd annual LAUNCHedu contest.

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Minecraft EDU Is Minecraft For The Classroom [sxsw]

Carol Jackson has been teaching seventh and eighth graders outside of Chicago for nearly 20 years. Over the last two years she's started to hear a lot about a Minecraft from her students. "We had a halloween party and a bunch of my students came dressed with boxes on their heads" she told us at [...]