Leap Motion and Education [SXSW]

We had a chance to swing by the Leap Motion booth at SXSXEdu. You may be asking, what is the company doing at an education conference? Well, as the rep expanded on in the below video, there are a ton of educational uses for the device. Firstly, there is a massive Leap Motion developer community. This community has already built a huge number of applications that focus on science, history, math, among other subjects. Further, as there is a robust SDK for the controller that supports many different languages, computer science instructors can easily work Leap into their curriculum

Race Real Mario Karts at SXSW This Weekend

Nintendo is set to release the 8th installment of their wildly successful game, Mario Kart, on May 30th, 2014. In advance of the release of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo and Pennzoil will be bringing "Mario Kart Reimagined," to Palmer Convention Center.

ShareMyLesson Is An Amazing Free Online Platform For Teachers & Parents [sxsw]

Nearly two years ago the American Federation Of Teachers partnered with Britain's TEC Connect to start a free online community for teachers. Through ShareMyLesson teachers can share lesson plans, best practices and great ideas with each other along with the materials that go with those great ideas. The hope is that teachers from across both [...]

SparkFun Open-source Hardware for Everyone

Yesterday, during the SXSWEdu expo, we had a chance to speak SparkFun Electronics, a company based out of Boulder Colorado. SparkFun is an open-source hardware company, meaning that they open source the designs and components for all of their hundreds of products. These products range from accelerometers to full robotics kits to cellular modules and [...]

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So No, This Is The Most Epic Phone Case Ever & A 12 Year Old Created It [sxsw]

Well he's not 12 years old anymore nor is he the author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but now 16 year old Hunter Thompson from Austin has created what many will believe is the best iPhone, iPod and iPad case lines ever. His company, SmallWorks, started with an idea at age 12 when [...]

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Atari & Chuck E Cheese Founders Talks At SXSWedu About Brain Rush

Nolan Bushnell. the man behind the original Atari and the first interactive kids restaurant concept, Chuck E Cheese, took to the main stage at SXSWedu on Monday to talk about the project he's been working on over the last two years, Brain Rush. Bushnell is forging his two loves, video games and kids and making [...]

Samsung Launches A Pair Of Chromebooks At SXSWedu

Samsung didn't waste anytime in Austin this year as SXSW officially kicked off with SXSWedu. The Techfaster team is on the ground in Austin for the next 15 days bringing you SXSW faster. 15 public schools from across the country, that were chosen as finalists in the Samsung Solve For Tomorrow contest squared off to [...]

Amplify Announces New Curriculum At SXSWedu

Amplify, NewsCorps education technology division has announced, what the company is calling "groundbreaking" new digital curriculum for middle school English language arts students. Amplify has continually leveraged their resources and assets as part of Newscorp to offer digital curriculum that far exceeds that of many competing companies. Their newest curriculum combines a year’s worth of [...]

15 Public Schools Competing For $2 Million In Prizes From Samsung At SXSWedu

SXSWedu kicked off this morning in Austin Texas and the Techfaster team is on the ground to cover all the action. Today, fifteen public schools from across the country are competing for their part in $2 million dollars in educational prizes from Samsung. Schools from Washington, D.C., Florida, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Montana, North Carolina, Nebraska, New [...]

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