If You Have iWork Docs And iOS 8 Do Not Reset All Settings

If you're an iOS user you've probably seen the screen above. But even if you're new to Apple's smartphone platform and you can read, then you see that it the dialog box clearly says "This will reset all settings. No data or media will be deleted". Any reasonable person would believe that following through with [...]

Samsung and Android Take Credit For iPhone 6 Plus

I used to be on that bandwagon, in fact I used to lead it. Many of our loyal readers have been reading me since late 2006. That was when reports about a Google phone had just begun to surface and I created Thedroidguy.com. Fast forward to 2014 and I sold Thedroidguy in 2011 and abruptly [...]

The U2 Virus On My iPhone

Tuesday morning was to be the pinnacle moment in Tim Cook's career as the CEO that filled the shoes of Steve Jobs at Apple. By all accounts Cook and Apple pretty much lived up to the hype. There will always be technorati out there that try and dispute anything Apple says and does. There are [...]

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Apple Bringing iPhone Colors To The Next Macbook Airs?

Now that all the rumor mongering is over in regards to Apple's annual iPhone announcement event and subsequent release, rumors are again heating up about the Macbook Air. Last year we started hearing that the Macbook Air would have a significant re-up possibly late in 2014. It seems that this re-up has been moved to [...]

Locky Is Your Macbook’s Security System

Comparatively speaking a Macbook is an expensive computer. But what can be more expensive is the data that's stored on a Mac. You could be planning the next big startup or working on a client's financials, but what happens when you run out for lunch or to get coffee down the hall? Macbook's have a [...]

China Already Taking Preorders For iPhone 6

China was a little late to the iPhone game but now it appears they aren't going to let that happen again. On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook, will take to the stage at DeAnza College in Cupertino California to announce new products from Apple. Now, they haven't officially said the press conference is for the [...]

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Chromebooks Gaining On Apple In The Classroom [EdTech]

As many school systems across the country start heading back to school, there is more and more technology available. In what was once a market dominated by Apple, there is now stiff competition, and it's not coming from PCs. Apple has had a presence in the classroom since the mid 1980's. Apple started catering to [...]

This iPad Air Ad Was One Of Robin Williams’ Last Works

The world was in shock and disbelief on Monday afternoon as the news that Robin Williams had passed away, began to fill up social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook. Williams, the comedic, and sometimes very serious actor, had been the subject of previous social media death hoaxes, and the world didn't want to believe. [...]

Wait Is The iWatch Is Back On Again

(image: BusinessInsider.com) It's funny, the world seems to be in an uproar because Apple is going to unveil the iPhone 6 at a media event on September 9th. Most people aren't even considering the fact that the last 4 editions of the iPhone have all been unveiled at press events in early to [...]

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Siri Coming To Your Mac?

(image: AppleInsider.com) Siri on Mac OSX Move over little paper clip man it looks like Apple may finally be looking at bringing Siri, the iOS digital assistant to Mac OSX environments. Technobuffalo reminds us that earlier this summer at the World Wide Developer's Conference Apple introduced the world to Yosemite. Now Yosemite is [...]