Inbox: A New Take on Email From Google

On Wednesday, Google announced a brand new email app. It is a departure from Gmail - don't worry though, Gmail will remain - to a more task-based inbox. Fittingly, the new app is called just that, Inbox: Today, we’re introducing something new. It’s called Inbox. Years in the making, Inbox is by the same people who [...]

Fingr: A Unique New Location Based Discussion App

  We just came across a really interesting new app: Fingr. Fingr is unlike anything I have ever seen. Essentially, it is a forum/chat app that is centered around physical locations. We had a chance to ask the developers a few questions about their new app: Fingr What is Fingr? Fingr is the supreme mobile [...]

Indispensable smartphone games for memorable road trips – the top picks

Travelling alone? In this world of android, no one travels as a loner; you have your right with you to keep you occupied all the time. In the absence of any human company, your smartphone could be your best company. Just load some of the best games to make your journey all the more memorable. [...]

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Verizon Wants To Make Sharing Anything, A Breeze

Verizon Wireless is investing heavily in services that go outside the realm of typical wireless service provider. The nation's largest carrier sees the value in their huge customer base and their ability to help their customers onboard into smartphones. Verizon is hoping that once a customer has a smartphone on their network, that they'll be [...]

Protect Your Stash With eNugJug

It almost feels weird writing about cannabis and marijuana out in the open on a huge publicly facing tech blog, but of course times have changed. With more and more states easing up on marijuana regulations an entirely new tech industry has been created. We've seen several new tech related startups and crowdfunding projects designed [...]

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Results 2014 earns App of the Day

Information and training app lands recognition using DIY app builder Appsbar has awarded its App of the Day honor to Results 2014 for showcasing the myriad uses for app building and design through’s simple-to-use mobile app platform. The app serves as the mobile platform for an Arizona-based education and training service that offers [...]

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Locky Is Your Macbook’s Security System

Comparatively speaking a Macbook is an expensive computer. But what can be more expensive is the data that's stored on a Mac. You could be planning the next big startup or working on a client's financials, but what happens when you run out for lunch or to get coffee down the hall? Macbook's have a [...]

Writers, Map Out Your Next Book On Your iPhone Using Write Plan

Startups, app developers and entrepreneurs have been disrupting the publishing industry quite a lot lately. New ways to publish books, like ScrewPulp, have made it so writers can get to market quickly and without the help of a major publishing house. These kinds of distribution startups are bringing an almost indie music renaissance to the [...]

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This Personal Inventory App Will Help You Fight Boredom

British developer Richard Gayton knows that there are quite a few personal inventory apps out there. However, his app "Sort My Stuff" puts an entirely new spin on personal inventory making it fun and, in some cases curing boredom. Gayton started developing "Sort My Stuff" because he had a problem buying duplicate offline media. He [...]

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Redfin Introduces The Coolest Way To Virtually Tour A Home

National real estate firm RedFin has always been on the cutting edge of technology. That continues to apply this week as they roll out their new Redfin 3D Walkthrough technology. his online feature for Redfin-listed homes provides a high-resolution, interactive view from every angle inside a home and is powered by groundbreaking 3D scanning technology from [...]

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