Meet Eve & Adam Your Smart Irrigation System

In today's modern home there's a sensor, an app and a device for everything. You can brew coffee automatically, see who's at the front door, feed your dog, shut the blinds and even control your thermostat with a connected smart device. But what about your yard. Nathan Cauffman has developed a new smart irrigation system [...]

Dong Nguyen Is Back With Swing Copters

If you don't know the name Dong Nguyen you may know his first game, Flappy Bird. That's the game that took the world by storm and then was abruptly pulled from the iTunes app store by Nguyen himself. At the time he said that he didn't want all the publicity and mayhem that surrounded the [...]

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Music Medics named’s App of the Day

Florida recording studio engages clients with mobile app Music Medics has earned’s App of the Day honor as an example of how independent artists, labels, and publishers are utilizing the DIY app builder at for mobile engagement. Music Medics is the mobile platform for a West Palm Beach, FL recording studio. The app [...]

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Mobile E-Card App Adds Audio And Video Messaging

For years I was a loyal user to Hallmark's e-card app. I was able to send Hoops & YoYo cards to everyone on my list for every occasion. They were big hits and quickly brought a smile to the faces of just about everyone I know. Well then the mobile boom came and I went [...]

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Is Uber The Future Of Product Sampling?

Amazon is delivering fresh groceries with same day delivery in some markets and they plan on expanding that service at a rapid pace. There are other grocery stores and stand alone apps that will allow consumers to also order their groceries on the web or on their smartphone to be delivered at a time more [...]

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Blogger Turns To Appsbar For Today’s DIY App Of The Day

Port City Cons earns App of the Day Appsbar has awarded its App of the Day award to Port City Cons for showcasing how independent artists, publishers, and bloggers have capitalized on the DIY app building options available at Port City Cons is the mobile platform for the Port City Conservative blog that [...]

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Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Check Engine Light With Fixd

The "internet of things" is allowing us to do more and more with sensors and get more relevant data back about all the important aspects of your life through mobile apps. For most, the car is a very important part of their lives. Without your car you can't get to work, pick the kids up [...]

Would Uber Really Do That?

We've all heard that Uber's CEO Travis Klanick is a driven, competitive leader. He's driving Uber to meet and than beat every new viable feature from every competing app out there to continue to reign supreme as the car hailing service. But now, multiple reports are suggesting that Uber may be getting downright dirty. BGR/Yahoo [...]

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UK Church Youth Group Creates App With Appsbar

Church sponsored youth group goes mobile with appsbar Appsbar has honored St G Youth App with its App of the Day award for showcasing you clubs, organizations, and members are engaging in mobile outreach by utilizing the DIY app builder at The app serves as a touch point for members of the St. George’s [...]

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Tally Board Putting Math Into Casual Math Games

   As anyone who has ever played 2048 will tell you, a game like that is incredibly addictive. It is both frustrating and exciting at the same time. Recently, I have become a bit burnt out on it. However, I think I may have just found a perfect replacement: Tally Board. Tally Board combines gameplay [...]