Ingress Finally Arrive On iOS

Ingress iOS Over the years Google and Apple have had an interesting relationship, both as a company and as a user base.  In the past Google has been quick to provide iOS users with most of their core apps, and slower to slugggish on others. Then there was that debacle with Google Maps. Apple tried [...]

Save Water Conservation App Is Appsbar’s App Of The Day

Conservation tips available on mobile platform through Appsbar has awarded its App of the Day honor to Save Water for showcasing how ideas, hobbies, and ideas can be adapted to mobile platforms by utilizing the DIY app builder at The Save Water app offers tips and advice on water conservation, utilizing six different [...]

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How’s Your Lung Function, Sandpiper I.S. Can Tell You

App Spirometer Sandpiper I.S Whether you're an athlete, musician, asthmatic or just like keeping up with your health there are several devices out there that can do that. Most devices cater to your heart, your pulse, and your activity. That's great! But there's no device out there now that helps you keep up with your [...]

Freewavz Listen To Your Music, Track Your Fitness With The Same Device

Fitness Monitor Headphones Freewavz Fitness, music and now tracking your fitness go hand in hand. That typically take multiple devices, your earbuds or headphones and some kind of fitness tracking band. Now, thanks a new device called Freewavz merges the headphones and the fitness tracking into one. On any given Sunday there are hundreds of [...]

Annotate Lebron James’ “I’m Coming Home” on Genius

Lebron James Rap Genius Fresh off he heels of he news that Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert not only got Lebron James back in Cleveland, but also led a $40 million dollar round for Genius (formerly Rap Genius), now you can annotate James' letter announcing his return on the platform. On Friday it was announced [...]

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Dan Gilbert Genius x2 Friday

Dan Gilbert Rap Genius While the sports world went into a frenzy on Friday morning when Lebron James announced his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers that wasn't the only big news for Cavaliers owner and tech investor Dan Gilbert. Right now Gilbert is in the spotlight for James' move back to his hometown team, a [...]

Bike Technology For Kids

Do you remember the good ole day, where after rigorous training with your dad, mom, grandparents or an adult family friend you finally got to take the training wheels off your bike. It was no big deal if you fell off your bike and hit your head? In fact you wore your bruises, bumps and [...]

Appsbar recognizes Pro Services as the App of the Day

Business services company outlines offerings through mobile app Pro Services has earned appsbar’s App of the Day honor for showcasing how small businesses are utilizing the DIY app builder at to create mobile marketing initiatives that don’t require large budgets or technological expertise. The app serves as the mobile platform for Pro Services, a [...]

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Cardberry The Coin For Loyalty Cards

Cardberry Loyalty Card When Coin was introduced it caught on like wild fire. If you're not familiar with Coin, it's the single card solution that stores all of your credit cards. This way you have one, safe, secure card for all of your credit cards providing you less risk of losing one of your important [...]