Google Is Making Android Wear More Useable

Smartwatches are finally taking off. For a while now, Pebble has been leading the pack in popularity since their initial Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. Now though, more and more companies are releasing smart watches and it looks like Google's Android Wear is starting to make an impact. Tomorrow, we're halfway expecting an announcement from [...]

Google’s Self Driving Cars Face More Bumps In The Road

Google continues on it's quest to develop the world's first autonomous, self driving car. The driverless cars already have over 700,000 miles of testing under their belts, but they're faced with more and more problems. Google sees a future where driving time turns into riding time, giving more time back to people to be productive, [...]

Google Receives Over 1M Take Down Requests Per Day, And That Number Is Climbing

Piracy is definitely on the rise. Everywhere you turn there are more and more stories about how piracy is effecting just about every media industry in the world. Recently we ran a story about a new startup company called DemandFlicks that hopes to curb movie piracy. Back in December we reported that pop songstress Beyonce [...]

Chromebooks Gaining On Apple In The Classroom [EdTech]

As many school systems across the country start heading back to school, there is more and more technology available. In what was once a market dominated by Apple, there is now stiff competition, and it's not coming from PCs. Apple has had a presence in the classroom since the mid 1980's. Apple started catering to [...]

Google Backs Glasses That Will Help The Blind See

(photo: RNIB via TechRadar) You may find it odd with Google's Google Glass experiment in such disarray, that the company would back any other kind of eyeglass technology. Well such is the case as part of Google's, Google Impact Challenge UK Techradar reported on Friday that as part of it's worldwide Impact Challenge [...]

Google Fights Back With Showers

Most of the technology world knows about Google's recent squabbles with residents in San Francisco. People living in San Francisco had a problem with Google using public bus routes and stops without paying for them, in order to pick up Google workers and shuttle them to their Mountain View campus. The people of San Francisco [...]

16 Year Old Google Science Fair Finalist Takes TALK AAC Device To The Masses

16 year old Arsh Shah Dilbagi believes that everyone has the right to talk. That's why he came up with a new device called TALK for the Google Science Fair. The Google Science Fair is a science and technology competition open to students worldwide ages 13-18.  As with most of Google's social initiatives the science [...]

Google Right To Be Forgotten To Go Global?

Earlier this year Google and the European Union came to an agreement that Google would have to block certain search results in European countries. These blocked results come from the "right to be forgotten" which basically says that any citizen in a country represented by the EU can fill out a form and request that [...]

Ingress Finally Arrive On iOS

Ingress iOS Over the years Google and Apple have had an interesting relationship, both as a company and as a user base.  In the past Google has been quick to provide iOS users with most of their core apps, and slower to slugggish on others. Then there was that debacle with Google Maps. Apple tried [...]

Are Chromebooks About To Get Cheaper

Chromebooks have found their place among educators. Many school systems across the country have turned to Chromebooks because of their affordability and because Google has made it extremely easy for educators to manage an entire fleet of Chromebooks across classes, schools and districts. Chromebooks have also found their way amongst people that are looking for [...]

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