It’s The End Of The Road For Orkut

Orkut Closing If you're saying to yourself right now, "what in the world is Orkut", that's exactly why Google is shutting down it's first foray into the social networking space. Orkut was actually released 10 years ago, during the heyday of Myspace and before Facebook was available to everyone in the world. The social network [...]

HP’s Fanless Chromebox Isn’t So Fanless After All

The latest iteration of Google Chrome OS devices are coming in the form of "Chrome boxes". The initial Chrome boxes were released two years ago as Google was still trying to navigate the Chrome ship. Now Chrome as an OS is starting to catch on, most significantly in edTech. Both ASUS and HP have released [...]

Google Announces Acquisition of Songza

Google Acquires Songza On Tuesday, Google announced that it had acquired Songza. Songza, if you haven't heard of them, offer a unique take on music streaming. Rather than using algorithms and similar artist mash-ups, Songza offers human curated playlists, based on various factors like time of the day, or mood, or location. It is a [...]

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Google and LG to Bring Project Tango to Consumers in 2015

Google Project Tango Is Coming Google dropped some major bombs at their annual developers conference - Google I/O - this week. However, one of the most exciting announcements was sort-of glossed over by many. On Thursday, during a session about its ATAP - Advanced Technology and Projects - group, Google announced that it is working with LG [...]

Gmail API: Google Opens up Gmail to Developers

Gmail API, Google Opens Gmail To Developers On Thursday at Google I/O, the Mountain View company made a huge announcement concerning Gmail. Google announced a new Gmail API. For years, the only way that developers have been able to access the huge amounts of data within Gmail was via IMAP. However, the only thing that [...]

Google I/O: Day 1 Highlights

Day one of Google I/O is in the books. The Mountain View company made some major announcements during the first day of their annual developers conference. Taken as a whole, you can see some trends starting to emerge. One of these trends is uniformity. Google has altered its thinking as far as devices. Rather than [...]

AndroidTV: Google’s Solution to the Fragmented Smart TV OS

Via Pete Cashmore As part of Google's major push to become device agnostic, the company announced that there is now one Android SDK that covers all form factors - phones, tablets, and TVs. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the TV part. AndroidTV is a long-time coming. Google TV [...]

Google Glass Didn’t Even Sit At The Kids Table [Google I/O]

Google's world wide developer event, Google I/O kicked off on Wednesday morning at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Our very own Ashley Allen covered most of the three hour keynote in summary earlier today. This is our fifth year at Google I/O and it seems to get better and better. Google has really come [...]

Material Design: Google’s Massive Overhaul of The Android UI

Google I/O kicked off on Wednesday morning. There is a lot to get to, so we will just jump right in. Google dropped some major bombs during the keynote address. The most important of which was the announcement of a new mobile OS, or Android L, as the company called it. This new version of [...]

How Did We Ever Entertain Ourselves Before YouTube? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know those lists that come out every year which highlight things that students graduating high school never experienced? They're all done in an effort to make the adults feel older. Well there's going to come a time in the not so distant future when kids graduating high school won't remember life before YouTube. For [...]