Eyeballs And Ratings, The Newsroom Argument

Many of you are watching The Newsroom. Yet another amazing Aaron Sorkin show that's going to tragically end sooner than it should. In case you aren't aware Sorkin likes to end things on a high note, except for that extra long run of West Wing, and it's already known that this is the third and [...]

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Will the Real ‘Disruptor’ Please Stand Up? [Guest Post]

Will the Real ‘Disruptor’ Please Stand Up? May I have your attention, please? Countless entrepreneurs use the words “innovative,” “game-changing,” and “disruptive” to describe their services, solutions, or platforms. The only problem is that oftentimes when founders use buzzwords like these, they don’t actually know what they mean. It’s become hip to associate innovation with [...]

6 Tools Entrepreneurs Should Use to Increase Customer Retention

6 Tools Entrepreneurs Should Use to Increase Customer Retention It’s easy to rest on your laurels when your company is growing, but many entrepreneurs don’t know exactly what’s driving or hindering their growth in the first place. There are often dozens of factors at play, but no matter what industry you’re in, understanding your existing [...]

This Is Going To Hurt: Google To Remove “Free” From Freemium Android Apps

I'm not sure where the disconnect is. We have a six year old daughter who has had an iPad mini since she was five and she's had some kind of connected since she was three. Coming from my days as Thedroidguy, she's used both Android and iOS devices. And to date, we've never had a [...]

This Really Puts A Bubble In Perspective

The big news this week was that Apple finally officially announced the acquisition of Beats Music and the Beats By Dre headphone line. Just about anyone who keeps up with tech news can tell you without batting an eye that Apple is paying $3 billion for the company founded by "Gin N Juice" star Dr. [...]

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Chrome, I’m Out If Google Goes This Route

While many of you know that after four years of being Thedroidguy I abandoned my Android phone for an iPhone as my daily driver, I was and still am pretty much a Google user. I use Google docs, Google analytics, Google Maps, a Chromebook on occasion and Chrome as my default browser. Actually I typically [...]

Has Google Lost The Narrative On Google Glass

Two years ago when Google introduced Google Glass by having co-founder Sergey Brin sky dive and land on top of the Moscone Center in San Francisco as a kickoff to that year's Google I/O developer's conference, Google Glass looked like th coolest thing in the world. Two years later, the product hasn't really come out [...]