Pinterest Becoming A Useful Tool In The Classroom

Have you ever gone to your son or daughter's school for a parent teacher conference and found their teacher on the Pinterest website? Before you worry that the teacher is more concerned with posting the latest wedding dresses, and neck tie fashions to the social network, they may actually be doing it for the class, [...]

Facebook Planning For Kid Invasion?

When Facebook originally went from a private college social network to the mainstream it was clear, you had to b 13 years old to have your own account. That was circumvented by many tweens throughout the years, some saying they were 103 rather than saying they were under 13. Over the last few years there [...]

Connect Your School With Buzzmob

There are a handful of technology companies that are trying to build a social network around schools and education. Most of them have fallen short though, by trying to mimick a Facebook for XX school. While novel in their approach and idea, at it's roots a Facebook style social network for schools misses the communication [...]

Pinterest Finally Has Ads

While hearing about ads coming to your favorite social network may turn off some people, those in the tech community have been anxiously awaiting to see when Pinterest would finally take their platform, that's just absolutely made for advertising, and start actually running some ad units. Adage reported on Monday that Pinterest has finally launched [...]

Here’s Why These Marines Went Nuts Watching Frozen

A video is beginning to go viral on the internet. This is nothing new. What is new is that the video features a group of new United States Marine recruits in a day room watching Frozen. They're even watching the "singalong" version and they're singing along. The concept of the video is remarkable, showing the [...]

Twitter Is Becoming A Tool For Education

76% of twitter users access the social network via mobile phone, according to the social network. That means that even in environments where there is no pc or laptop to connect to the internet Twitter is still available, and it's proven time and time again that Twitter encompasses a wide variety of demographics. That's why [...]

Yes The Donald Sterling Tapes Have Made It To Rap Genius

As with most of the big news in the past year or so, the Donald Sterling tapes have found their way to Rap Genius. For those not in the know Rap Genius is the very popular site that crowd sources annotations on popular hip hop songs, current events, and even poetry. What started out as [...]

Facebook Gets into the News Business

On Thursday, April 24, Facebook announced a new feature. FB Newswire brings a new news discovery component to Facebook: Today, we’re excited to announce FB Newswire, a resource that will make it easier for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce. Powered by Storyful, the leader [...]

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Like The World Cup, Facebook May Have Just Sold Your Profile Soul

Shocker! Facebook has to make money, and of course they want to continue to make lots of it so they can make more $19b and $2b dollar acquisitions. Part of that making money is marketing Facebook users, of course that includes me and you. Now I may be a little different I'm actually enjoying Facebook's [...]

Bill Clinton Takes To Twitter To Announce He’s Going To Be A Grandpa

According to the Clinton family the one thing that HIllary Clinton wants more in this world than to be President of the United States is to be a grandmother. Thursday afternoon Chelsea Clinton announced that dream would be fulfilled "later this year". The former first daughter, now 34, married Marc Mezvinsky, a close friend from [...]