US Airways Social Media Employee, Is Not FIRED!

Over the weekend there was a lot of uproar amongst the country's biggest airlines. American Airlines received a tweet fro a 14 year old dutch girl claiming to be a terrorist. That girl was arrested on Monday morning. Southwest Airlines also received a copycat tweet on Monday. Around the same time, Southwest also had a [...]

Yubixi The Personal Interest Network, User Created, User Controlled [VIDEO]

Interests are an important part of a person's personal make up. But so often one of the hardest questions to answer for somebody is "what do you like to do". At OneSpark on Saturday I spent some time with Scott Hooks the founder of Yubixi, the Personal, Interest network, and watched as he asked hundreds [...]

Fangates Launches Fan Finding App And Social Network

We all know the dilemma, you're in a strange city and your teams big game is on. You go to find a bar to watch the game and if you're lucky maybe just maybe there's one other fan just like you. Certainly there are more fans of your favorite team in anytown USA but how [...]

9 Reasons This Was The Best Video On The Net Last Week

Comedy troupe and viral video creation specialists Half Day Today were back at it again last week with a hilariously funny parody video. The target: Buzzfeed. In their video the "Wolf of Buzzfeed", the Half Day crew parodies both the Wolf of Wallstreet and internet phenomena Buzzfeed and it's founder Jonah Peretti. The 2 minute [...]

OneTock The Social Network For Your Business [OneSpark]

There are social networks cropping up for all kinds of special interests. There are mass social networks like Facebook, and Twitter. There's even a social network for you and your business life, of course that's LinkedIn, but what if your business could have a social network. Meet OneTock a new social network for your local [...]

Join The Effort, A Philanthropic Social Network Goes Mobile [One Spark]

Ryan Whitman created Join The Effort, a Jacksonville non-profit in 2011. The initial idea was to create a platform of sorts that helped recruit and encourage people to volunteer at various events, causes and other non-profits across Jacksonville. As an example, Join The Effort partnered with last year's OneSpark winner Re-Threaded. In that effort, a [...]

HI-FI Social Network [One Spark Preview]

HI-FI Social Network is another app we plan on checking out this year at One Spark. The Ponte Vedre, Florida based company has high hopes that their app will become one of the next big things. The #hashtag is the new language of today’s mobile generation, yet the current single-channel newsfeeds of todays’ social networks [...]

Oculus Team Members Received Death Threats After Facebook Deal

The public response to the news that Facebook would be acquiring Oculus for $2 billion has been, overwhelmingly, negative. So negative, in-fact, that many members of the Oculus team have been receiving death threats over the acquisition. This broadness of the negative sentiment came as a surprise to the Oculus team. In an interview with GameInformer, Oculus Vice President of Product Nate Mitchell noted that the company expected their existing user base to be upset, but not the general public.

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President Causes Stir Over March Madness Tweet

It's widely known that one of President Barrack Obama's favorite things outside of politics, running the country and his kids is basketball. On the campaign trail in 2008 he made in stop in North Carolina and took on some of the UNC Tarheels. He's also been known to unwind by watching basketball, both the NBA, [...]

Arby’s Uses EBay To Get Their Hat Back From Pharell

When Pharell appeared on the Grammy's this year, for once he wasn't outdone by his good friends Daft Punk and their space suite. Pharell rocked an amazing hat that became all the talk of the week, even yielding it's own Twitter account @pharellshat. President Barrack Obama's State Of The Union address was later that same [...]