Wow! Yahoo Has 400 Million Monthly Mobile Users

When Marissa Mayer took over the job as CEO at Yahoo she knew it was going to be an uphill climb but most in the tech community knew that she was just the person to do the job. Mayer's background is firmly entrenched in the internet and now mobile.  During her lengthy time at Google [...]

Kanye West: Tony Hsieh & Zappos Sell Sh*t Product To Everybody

I don't think a day goes by that outspoken rapper and soon to be hubby of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, makes the 24 hour news cycle. Rarely does it touch the techsphere, until now. Tuesday afternoon eonline reported that Kanye West recently spent some time in Las Vegas with Zappos founder Tony Hsieh. Now anyone [...]

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AppZero Partners with Microsoft to Facilitate Server Updates

Microsoft has announced that they will officially end support of Windows Server 2003 (WS 2003) in July of 2015. However, Network Admins needn't worry, today, Microsoft announced its collaboration with AppZero - the makers of powerful application migration software - in which AppZero is the recommended migration software provider.

Is There A Double Standard In Men And Women Rating Apps?

Apps that rate men and women in a "hot or not" type of way are often seen as sexist, especially when the app calls for rating a woman. But is it ok when the tables are turned and the app is rating men? Lulu founder Alexandra Chong seems to think it's just fine. Her Facebook [...]

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CheckESNFree Will Protect You From Bad ESNs

Have you ever bought a used Sprint or Verizon Wireless device from Ebay or Craigslist only to find out it can't be activated because the ESN is bad?  Sure everyone says ESN's are good but most times you're taken the word of a seller that you've never met. Feedback on Ebay can usually tell you [...]

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Stop Guessing This Website Tells You What’s Really Trending

Figuring out what's trending across social media is a little tricky. Many people don't realize that when Twitter shows you what's trending it's showing you what's trending in your social sphere. That's why when you go to a conference the conference organizers emphatically announce that their conference is trending and if you look across Twitter [...]

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