One Spark 2014

From April 9 – 13, we will be in sunny Jacksonville, FL to bring you coverage of the second annual One Spark Crowdfunding Festival. This year look bigger and better, and there is more than $3.25M up for grabs.

If you are attending and think we should feature your project, feel free to drop us a line Or give us a shout on Twitter

ArtStarter: Changing the Way Art is Funded [One Spark]

As more and more crowdfunding platforms are popping up almost daily, it is hard to find any new or unique approaches. However, ArtStarter really stands out for several reasons. It is only fitting that we came across a really inventive crowdfunding platform at the 'World's First Crowdfunding Festival.' ArtStarter, as the name gives away, is [...]

Flip Our Class: Updating Education, One Micro-Grant at a Time

Of all the education initiatives that were on display at the #EdSpark venue during One Spark, Flip Our Class was one of our favorites. Flip Our Class was actually one of our favorite creators from whole One Spark festival. Flip Our Class is a quasi-crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding moniker may be a misleading though. Flip [...]

Bycle: Badass App/Product Combo to Record and Track Rides [One Spark]

We told you a little bit about Bycle a few days ago, but the company was pretty secretive in the run up to One Spark. On Thursday, however, we got a chance to see the real, final product. It did not disappoint. Put quite simply, Bycle is both a mount to attach your smartphone to [...]

LineVent Marries The Event App And Crowd Activated Discounts, And It’s Free All Around

Joe Ryan and the team at LineVent are addressing the needs of bar, club and restaurant owners everywhere with their new app. LineVent is an app that marries the event app and crowd activated discounts in one fluid, easy to use and understand app. The app is free to download in the Google Play Store [...]

Pledge Your Bets: Charitable Gambling [One Spark]

There are tons of creative projects on display in Jacksonville right now for One Spark. Tons. Three of our favorites are here by way of Tampa Bay. Pledge Your Bets, WeVue, and Drawer are all products of the Tampa Bay Wave accelerator. We have already told you a little bit about WeVue and Drawer, but [...]

Wazinit The Perfect Nutritionist In Your Pocket [video]

Living with food allergies can suck. One of the biggest problems with food allergies is that there are so many out there. Right now there are a lot of apps available that cater to diabetics, peanut allergies and people who are trying to live gluten free. But what about others with random or more obscure [...]

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3 Tampa Bay Apps Hosting TriAppthlon In Jax This Weekend

"There's really great things happening in apps and technology across the state of Florida" Drawer founder Justin Davis told during a OneSpark event Thursday night in downtown Jacksonville. Davis is from Tampa Florida and he along with several other Tampa based tech company founders are here in Jacksonville not just to show off their [...]

WeVue: Crowdsourced Photo-Sharing/Stitching App [One Spark]

Another One Spark Creator that we were really excited about talking with was WeVue, and they did not disappoint. WeVue is a photo-sharing application built around events. The 'photo-sharing' description doesen't really do WeVue justice, however. It is much, much more than, say, Instagram or Flicker. WeVue is really unique in a couple of ways. [...]

Drawer: A New, Personalized Take on Recommendations [One Spark]

Drawer is a new take on recommendations. It solves many of the problems of Yelp and Tripadvisor. Further, Drawer allows for a more personal style of recommendations, allowing users to follow other users and curate their own favorites. The app is perfect for travel agents and hotel concierges, as it is a quick easy way to share the best restaurants and venues.

The Shark’s Don’t Bite At Reality Crowd TV

Manolis Sfinarolakis is hoping to spread the word about crowdfunding by educating through his internet tv program "Reality Crowd TV". Sfinarolakis is hoping to grow Reality Crowd TV into a national platform where successfully crowdfunded entrepreneurs can share their experiences, best practices, and even challenges with a global audience. Right now he's set out on [...]