One Spark 2014

From April 9 – 13, we will be in sunny Jacksonville, FL to bring you coverage of the second annual One Spark Crowdfunding Festival. This year look bigger and better, and there is more than $3.25M up for grabs.

If you are attending and think we should feature your project, feel free to drop us a line Or give us a shout on Twitter

uConnectHome: The Social Network For Apartment Buildings

These days it seems that there is a different social network for everything in your life. Facebook for friends and family, LinkedIn for work. Twitter for news, and whatever else you may follow. It can get to be a little overwhelming, and at times pointless. Every new social network that comes along claims to be [...]

The Orb: A New, Passive Form of Communication

A few weeks ago, the Just Orb Me Team answered a few questions for us about their project, but we were still not 100% sure what the Orb was. The Orb itself is not an incredibly complex product, but there is nothing like it out there, so it makes a description difficult. After seeing it [...]

CLASSWrites: Solving the Massive Educational Software Fragmentation

During the One Spark Festival, we had a chance to speak with a great many education-based creators, owing in part to the creation of the #EdSpark venue. There were some really awesome proposals, including Flip Our Class. However, while there were a lot of education-based projects, there were only a couple really creative software/platform products. [...]

SweetSpot: Leading the “Packetless” Revolution

A few days before we hit the road to One Spark 2014, we wrote about the SweetSpot sugar dispenser.  What we wrote then is even more true after we had a chance to see it in person, "One of the more practical One Spark Creator Projects that we have come across is the SweetSpot sugar dispenser. [...]

Two Way Resume: Turnkey Resume and Portfolio Website Builder

One of the more interesting projects that we came across at One Spark 2014 was Two Way Resume. The main idea behind Two Way Resume is that paper, black-and-white resumes are both dull and incomplete. Essentially, Two Way Resume is an update to the paper resume. Using the platform, users can transform the paper resume [...]

QuickComet: Investing Education Platform [One Spark]

QuickComet is a pretty interesting platform. In a nutshell, QuickComet is an investment education platform/app with tons and tons of walkthroughs and tutorials. As we said in our One Spark preview on QuickComet, there are currently a ton of different investment platforms, but not many that are solely focused on education. Enter QuickComet. The investor education [...]

JaxHax: A Massive 8,000 sq. ft. Maker Lab in Downtown Jax

One of the more interesting booths we were able to check out at One Spark was that of the JaxHax Makerspace. They weren't really pitching a project, per se, but rather they were pitching their giant workshop. JaxHax is a 8,000 Sq. Ft. shared workshop right in the middle of Downtown Jacksonville. According to their Facebook [...]

SNAPprints: A Unique Take on Event Photo Albums

SNAPprints was another super-creative application on display at One Spark. Perhaps the only thing that held SNAPprints back from performing better in the popular vote was their location. They were tucked into the Bank of America building which, for whatever reason, did not see much traffic throughout One Spark. Anyhow, SNAPprints is a collaborative, event [...]

GiggleMail, Dumbstruck, Samba And Now Plexr

I'm used to seeing copycat startups. It's something that has been going on for years. Typically I give a startup or new innovative tech company a chance to show me that they're like Apple. You see, although I use all Apple products, it's always a refreshing reminder when helping new companies, to point out that [...]

Five & Fifty: Instant Deals Done Right

For whatever reason - we haven't been able to figure it out - there was a proliferation of daily deal platforms/apps/websites at One Spark. There was a ton of variety in these projects, and some really great offerings, and one of them, Eatrhguy, won the popular vote in the technology category. However, the most interesting [...]