One Spark 2014

From April 9 – 13, we will be in sunny Jacksonville, FL to bring you coverage of the second annual One Spark Crowdfunding Festival. This year look bigger and better, and there is more than $3.25M up for grabs.

If you are attending and think we should feature your project, feel free to drop us a line Or give us a shout on Twitter

Share Your Bike Ride With Bycle [OneSpark Preview]

"Bycle is an app + product combo that was designed for bikers and cyclists, and it will bring a revolution on fitness and sharing...We want to be able to grow Bycle as a movement for cyclists around the world to share their rides"

Marbel: Ultralight Electric Skateboard [One Spark Preview]

In pursuit of a way to limit the impact of short car trips, the Marbel team has spent the past 18 months developing a badass electric skateboard. The board weighs in a 9.9 lbs, with a top speed of 20mph, and a 10 mile range

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Cognitive Clubhouse: After-school Center With Huge Goals [One Spark]

"Cognitive Clubhouse will serve as a hub for critical and creative thinking. It will be the site of a variety of student centered programs and exhibits ranging from science, (Big Bang Science), history (Lunch with Legends), art, engineering, innovation, entrepreneurial education, gaming and coding."

Fangate: Find Where Your Team’s Fans Hang Out [One Spark Preview]

Among all of the apps that will be on display at this years One Spark, one really speaks to me. Fangate solves one of my biggest problems. Sports fans, especially those who follow out of market teams, can have a hard time finding a bar or restaurant that is your teams bar: the Steelers Bar, [...]

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Follow My Vote Wants To Help Hold Elected Officials Accountable With An App [OneSpark]

Followmyvote, the non partisan website that helps "the people" keep a pulse of what's going on in politics is looking to create an app that they say will help hold politicians accountable. Followmyvote currently offers a variety of news, blogs and general information designed to help ordinary people keep up with what's going on in [...]

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OneSpark Creator AnyInc Hosting Their Own Accelerator At OneSpark

AnyInc is the latest iteration of a company that entrepreneur Chris Markl started back in January. AnyInc blossomed out of ReStartUp, a business model that got some market validation during an entrepreneurial event at the University of North Florida. ReStartup's model was to become a platform for buying and selling startup companies that otherwise may [...]

Flip Our Class, An App To Help Teachers Flip Their Classrooms [OneSpark]

Most teachers get into the profession because they have a wholehearted desire to teach kids the skills, lessons and content they need to know to be successful. However a lot of the traditional teaching methods are broken. It's not that they aren't effective or students are lazy it's just the original concept of teaching only [...]

Drawer: A New Take on Recommendations [One Spark Preview]

There are going to be a ton of apps on display at this years One Spark. That said, one of the apps that we are most looking forward to checking out is Drawer. Drawer is an app that allows users to share their favorite venues with friends, as well as keep track of places you want [...]

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OneTock The Social Network For Your Business [OneSpark]

There are social networks cropping up for all kinds of special interests. There are mass social networks like Facebook, and Twitter. There's even a social network for you and your business life, of course that's LinkedIn, but what if your business could have a social network. Meet OneTock a new social network for your local [...]

Event Socially: Find Awesome Local Events [One Spark Preview]

"EventSocially is the authoritative source for all events and parties across the nation making social events much easier to connect to. Taking from what is the most popular and trending in social media, EventSocially will lead you to the most talked about and relevant party in your area."

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