One Spark 2014

From April 9 – 13, we will be in sunny Jacksonville, FL to bring you coverage of the second annual One Spark Crowdfunding Festival. This year look bigger and better, and there is more than $3.25M up for grabs.

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OneSpark Sparks Partnerships Too

Synergy it's the one "startupy" word I absolutely hate to use but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) it continued to come up all last week in Jacksonville Florida for OneSpark, the World's Crowdfunding Festival. The crazy event, which ran from Wednesday through Sunday,saw over 235,000 attendees. Let's let that soak in for a second, a sophomore [...]

Winner of the 10K Juried Tech Prize is?

After five days of through deliberation, interviewing each and ever technology creator, the judges have reached a unanimous decision. The winner of the $10,000 technology prize is Partpic. It is not hard to see why, they have built an amazing platform. Partpic allows users to identify nearly any replacement part for industrial machinery through a [...]

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Run Safety Is A Safer Personal Safety Device Everyone Should Check OutDo

Personal safety devices are nothing new. Pepper spray has been around for decades and there are a ton of personal safety devices either tied into apps, or cell phone cases. Run Safety, while not in the direct "tech" category, is a personal safety device currently on the market that makes incredible sense. It's actually hard [...]

Brash Is A Brash And Genius Way To Reward [OneSpark]

Several companies have tried to reinvent the rewards and discount system. Serial entrepreneur Ben Tyson has an unusually loud pulse on the space. He was actually early on in the rewards space with his company Five and Fifty but with the onslaught that was Groupon and Living Social he let those projects take a back [...]

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Yubixi The Personal Interest Network, User Created, User Controlled [VIDEO]

Interests are an important part of a person's personal make up. But so often one of the hardest questions to answer for somebody is "what do you like to do". At OneSpark on Saturday I spent some time with Scott Hooks the founder of Yubixi, the Personal, Interest network, and watched as he asked hundreds [...]

Verti Is Your Social Lost And Found And More

The internet of things explosion continued at OneSpark. We saw several different creator projects that would fit into the wide net of "internet of things". One of those things was Miami based company Verti Labs and their Verti Bluetooth finder. There are several other Bluetooth finders around today. You can find some on the market [...]

Finalists for Tech 10K Jury Prize and Top Vote Recievers

This year at One Spark, in addition to the popular crowd vote, there is a $10,000 juror awarded prize for the top creator in each category. Today, the jurors narrowed down each category to 3 finalists. The three finalists in the technology category are, in no particular order: Flip Our Class: Here is what we wrote [...]

Go Up To 20MPH on the Bat-Bike Electric Bicycle [One Spark]

Just the other day, we saw the Marbel electric skateboard. Today we had a chance to check out the Bat-Bike electric bicycle. The Bat-Bike comes from maker of the Bat-Caddy line of electric golf bag caddys. I have to say, I am getting pretty excited about all of these electric powered personal vehicles. Anyhow, here [...]

Has Local Ticket Sales Found The Secret Sauce To The Event App?

One of the One Spark Creators that we were really looking forward to checking out was Local Ticket Sales. Local Ticket Sales is a marketplace for, you guessed it, event tickets. This alone is not all that groundbreaking, there are countless event websites and apps out there. However, the approach that Local Ticket Sales is [...]

Join The Effort: Philanthropic Social Network for Good

Another One Spark Creator that we have been looking forward to speaking with was Join The Effort. Join The Effort is a non-profit, "philanthropic social network." Join The Effort began as a sort-of recruitment tool for charitable and other organizations to recruit volunteers. However, as the platform began to grow and rapidly expand in both [...]