One Spark 2014

From April 9 – 13, we will be in sunny Jacksonville, FL to bring you coverage of the second annual One Spark Crowdfunding Festival. This year look bigger and better, and there is more than $3.25M up for grabs.

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One Spark Day One Voting Results

The first full day of One Spark is in the books. It has been a crazy and exciting day. We've seen tons of awesome creators, and we haven't even scratched the surface. At the end of each day, the One Spark staff gives us a rundown of the creators that have received the most votes. [...]

Move Over Zboad, Marbel Is Lighter And Faster

Of all the One Spark Creators we profiled in the lead up to the 'Worlds First Crowdfunding Festival,' the one that I was most looking forward to seeing in person was the Marbel Electric Skateboard. I used to skateboard constantly. I son't skate nearly as much these days, but it is still one of my [...]

Indyoh: Matchmaking for Filmmakers and Distributors

One of the more creative One Spark Creator Projects that we were able to check out during the first day of One Spark was Indyoh. In a nutshell, Indyoh acts a sort-of intermediary between independent filmmakers and movie distributors. Indyoh has built a software platform that serves a matchmaking function between filmmakers and distributors, agents, production [...]

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Social Network For Small Business Pitches At OneSpark

With One Spark in full swing, we have been able to check out some of the companies that we previewed in the weeks leading up to the Worlds First Crowdfunding Festival. One of the first companies we were able to hear about was OneTock. The company works to provideone location for small business to provide [...]

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Chill Out At The Polar Pod

It wasn't quite scorching at the Jacksonville Landing on Wednesday afternoon, but compared with the weather we've been receiving up north it was hot, at least a good 75 degrees. Imagine if OneSpark, the World's Crowdfunding Festival was held in August where temperatures regularly reach the mid to upper 90's. That would have been real [...]

Fangates Launches Fan Finding App And Social Network

We all know the dilemma, you're in a strange city and your teams big game is on. You go to find a bar to watch the game and if you're lucky maybe just maybe there's one other fan just like you. Certainly there are more fans of your favorite team in anytown USA but how [...]

Kitchen Cloud: Track Your Food Purchases [One Spark Preview]

Another app that we are really looking forward to checking out at One Spark is Kitchen Cloud. Though the app is not yet available, it looks pretty awesome. Essentially, Kitchen Cloud combines analytics and big data with your kitchen and pantry. There are a fair amount of applications on the market that help you manage [...]

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SweetSpot: Cheaper, More Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Sugar Packets [One Spark Preview]

Update: Updated product pictures One of the more practical One Spark Creator Projects that we have come across is the SweetSpot sugar dispenser. As someone who drinks a ton of coffee, probably too much, I can't believe that there is not one of these in every Starbucks. According to the companies One Spark Profile, "SweetSpot is [...]

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Yubixi The Dating Network For Friends, Launches At OneSpark

We're on the ground at OneSpark the World's Crowdfunding Festival in Jacksonville Florida soaking up the rays with at least 100,000 attendees at this event bringing Indiegogo, Kickstarter and your local startup accelerator pitch day to life in one off-line, online hybrid mashup. Check out more of our OneSpark coverage here. One of our coverage [...]

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Yubixi: The Networking App That We Will Be Using at One Spark

Yubixi is a really unique take on social networking. Rather than looking for and connecting with people you already know, Yubixi is built around connecting people around common interest. "Other social networks are about keeping you in touch with people you already know, or following people you know something about. We see a gap in helping people actually make new connections and we set out to make doing so easy and fun...We have created an experience that is centered on your true interests and provides a several ways to interact with others who share those interests"