Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

The mobile landscape has changed quite a bit over the years, first everyone wanted to get their phone as small and thin as possible, and now people seem to want just the opposite. While most phones have grown in size to feature a 4 to 5 inch display some devices have grown beyond that and [...]

Angry Birds Go lands on BlackBerry 10, Android, Windows Phone and iOS

To help celebrate the 4th birthday of Angry Birds the founders Rovio have released a brand new game, Angry Birds Go. Rovio has released the game on all major smartphone platforms, and this time they decided to go for the freemium option, meaning the game is a free download with tons of in app purchases [...]

Samsung adds the Note 3 to the 10 million sold club

Samsung has been able to move millions of their Android devices over the years, and various devices have hit 10 million sold over the course of time. Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Note 3 will be the latest entrant into the club as the device has reached 10 million units sold in only two [...]

IKEA begins offering select Android phones for free

IKEA has just expanded its product line beyond just amazing meatballs, furniture and drapery as they now have begun carrying select Android phones as well. In what seems like an extremely odd business move IKEA has started offering select handsets from Verizon and Sprint for free with a new two year contract from their website. [...]

Samsung Planning To Sell 330 Million Smartphones Next Year

Omar Khan launches Samsung into the Galaxy at the original Galaxy S launch in 2010 (photo: K. Sandler) In the  earlier years of the Android operating system it appeared that there was going to be some fierce competition as far as manufacturers were concerned. The Motorola Droid came out of the gate like [...]

Samsung Weighing KitKat For Lower Level Android Phones

Traditionally, only a manufacturers high end devices would get the latest greatest version of the Android operating system. This continues to grow a problem in the Android world called fragmentation. While Apple's iOS 7 is now in 70% of iOS devices, the last two versions of Android account for only 40% of all Android devices. [...]

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Tides Change In Google vs Oracle Case With Android At The Heart

Google thought they were in the clear with Oracle in regards to claims of copied code but now it seems in a twist of fate that things may be changing. Oracle appealed the ruling against them and it seems as though now they may have a change of winning the case. Seeking more than 1 [...]

Awesome Dual-Screen Android YotaPhone Now Available in Europe

The YotaPhone is one of the more interesting concepts to come along in some time. The device has two displays, one on each side of the phone. The front, main display is a standard 720x1280 LCD screen, while the back display is the e-ink electronic paper display.

3 Apps To Track Santa With Your Android Phone

It's almost that time again for Santa Claus to start making his rounds around the world. Every year it seems it becomes easier and easier to track Santa, thanks to technology.  The best, and most trusted place to track Jolly Ole' Saint Nick is the NORAD Santa Tracker website. However, with mobile first in mind, [...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear, A Match Sent In Heaven

If you're a hardcore road warrior, and who isn't these days, and you've been looking to consolidate your tablet and phone experience than a "phablet" is definitely for you. These days there are a lot of "phablets" on the market to choose from, but one manufacturer gets it right every time. Samsung, is now in [...]