BLU Begins Selling their Flagship Life Pure XL Unlocked for $349

On Friday, BLU began selling its newest flagship, the Life Pure XL. If you have never heard of BLU, the Miami, FL company designs and manufactures affordable mid-range unlocked Android handsets. While the company has been known mostly for the low cost of their devices, that may soon be changing. The Life Pure XL has [...]

HP is Working on an Android Powered Laptop for Some Reason

Thus far, Google's computing platforms have been relatively standard. Android on phones and tablets, and Chrome OS on laptops (Chromebooks). However, it looks like that may soon change. Notebook Italia spotted a video on HP's website - which has since been pulled - shows a new laptop powered by Android. The HP Slatebook 14, according to Notebook Italia, will [...]

Google Said to be Replacing Nexus Line With Android Silver Devices

According to several reports, Google may be pulling the plug on the Nexus line of phones. The Nexus phones, currently, come with a pure Android build. That is to say that there is no manufacturer or carrier pre-loaded software, or any additions to the Android OS. Google's new mobile strategy represents a major shift away [...]

The Galaxy S5 Already Accounts for 0.7% of All Android Phones

After just over one week on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship handset already accounts for a whopping 0.7% of all active Android smartphones worldwide.Dave Hoch, Localytics Blog, "Samsung Galaxy S5 Grabs Nearly 1% of all Android Smartphones after First Week," 22 April 2014  To break that down, roughly, comScore noted that as of [...]

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Top 5 Android Easter-Themed Games

With Easter approaching, we thought it would be prudent to find a couple Easter-themed Android Games. In no particular order, here are our top 5 free Easter games. Fair warning, all of these 5 games are incredibly addictive. Stack Rabbit Stack Rabbit is a pretty addicting game. I just downloaded it to try it out, [...]

Android Is For Poor People? The Elephant In The Room.

Numbers don't lie they say, and map's don't either, (unless of course you're Verizon says T-mobile CEO John LeGere). In this case a story has surfaced this morning courtesy of our friends at Business Insider, that when we saw the initial headline it was shocking; These Maps Show That Android Is For People With Less [...]

Chat with LunchTable [One Spark Preview]

Matt Baer is a software engineer and entrepreneur and his goal is to make communication easier. Enter LunchTable, an android based chat app that he started working on during his college days at Radford University. The story behind the name of his app is a relatively simple one: In college I developed a group communication [...]

CheckDroid: Solving the Problem of Fragmentation for Android Developers

CheckDroid is a native Android application development tool that allows Android developers to test and troubleshoot their apps across all of the various devices and Android builds. CheckDroid allows developers to get their apps to market exponentially faster as it automatically tests against the various builds.

LG Enters The Smart Bulb Market With New Features

LG has unveiled a new smart bulb called Smart Lamp. The device, with a simply descriptive name, is what you would expect from a smart bulb. The LED bulb is rated at 10w but with LED technology that gives off the same amount of light as a 60w incandescent light bulb. Like it's competitors, the [...]

Android SDK For Wearables Coming In Two Weeks [sxsw]

Google's Sr Vice President of Android and Chrome, Sundar Pichai took to the stage at SXSW on Sunday afternoon as part of SXSW's Featured Sessions. The session, entitled "Sundar Pichai, conversation with John Batelle", was a fireside chat style session focusing on two of the fastest growing open platforms in the world, Android and Chrome. [...]