Nokia Announces 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Android Devices

On Monday in Barcelona at MWC, Nokia announced its first three Android supported smartphones. They are the Nokia X+, the Nokia XL, and the Nokia X (above, respectively). These are not even in the same zip code as the high-end Galaxy S5 we saw earlier. That said, it is sizable first step for Nokia, who has focused on Windows Phones thus far.

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LG Unveils G2 Mini At Mobile World Congress [MWC]

If you're a smartphone lover than this week is going to be like Christmas in February for you. On the ground in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress all of the manufacturers are keying up their 2014 handsets that we should all be talking about in the coming months. While all manufacturers love to have a [...]

Tizen & Streaming Music: Beginning of the End for Samsung/Google Partnership

It would appear that the Google/Samsung partnership may be in its last leg. As Samsung is beginning to inch away from Google, it appears as if the Seoul company has designs on a direct challenge to Google, beginning with Milk Music. This is certainly shaping up to be a very interesting MWC.

Android Has 99% Of The Mobile Malware?

If you need to know how much mobile malware has infected Android you can always count on Apple's marketing honcho Phil Schiller. 9to5mac reported on Tuesday, that Schiller had posted results of Cisco's 2014 annual security report to his Twitter account. It was that report that highlighted just how bad mobile malware is on the [...]

Hey Ya! Shake That Kit Kat Like A Polaroid Picture

In 1948 when Polaroid introduced the first instant camera, they were definitely on the cutting edge of technology. Through the companies over 75 years of existence they've actually been on the cutting edge of a lot of technologies. They released an instant video platform that didn't take off. They were also one of the first [...]

The $99 Moto G And Wireless In 2014

This year we can expect some major changes in the wireless landscape. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is taking a very pro-consumer approach to his role in the Wireless Industry. He's championed the movement to get carriers to unlock phones and make them easier for the customer to take them to another carrier when their contract [...]

The Cyanogen Phone Has Arrived

For those of you living under the proverbial rock, Cyanogen is a "mod" or alternative OS for Android users that gives users access to some of the best features. People (and now there's millions of them) who wanted to use Cyanogen Mod instead of their stock Android system or their bloated Android system via their [...]

iOS Dominated Shopping This Holiday Season

This report isn't about who sold more phones this holiday season, Apple or the plethora of Android manufacturers. A report from IBM analytics was released on Thursday and it doesn't bode well for Android. This report, was on actual users and the operating systems they used to shop for holiday presents directly on their smartphone, [...]

Some LG Smartphones To Have Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Preloaded

LG is apparently looking to capitalize on the fact that Blackberry, the one time king of the enterprise space, continues to bleed customers. In a move that was praised by Blackberry, LG announced that several of their smartphones will feature Blackberry's proprietary BBM (Blackberry Messenger) service. The service was widely adapted by Blackberry users in [...]

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Netflix For Android Now Supports Multiple Profiles, Or Not.

Netflix just recently gave their Android app a major update. Now the popular streaming service has released another update for Android users with features that they've implemented across other platforms.  That update sped up the Netflix app on Android and brought it more in line with Android's design guidelines. It also gave it support for [...]

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